Lake Mangama­hoe walk of­fers chang­ing scenery

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little swing bridge that leads into a bush area. The track is nar­row and steep as it climbs up­hill, it is stony and very root bound in parts and you need to be sure footed.

Once you reach the top and into the open area where pine trees have been felled you will be re­warded with a mag­nif­i­cent view over the farm­land and the lake and if it is not hid­ing un­der a cloudy sky, Mt Taranaki. There is an old wooden seat for those that need it and to en­joy the view.

As you con­tinue keep an eye on the sign­posts as it can be a bit con­fus­ing in places. There is an­other small swing bridge along the way.

If you wish to di­vert onto the track that takes you to the stand of Red­wood trees you need to re­verse back onto the main track to con­tinue the walk.

Fur­ther on there is a sign in­form­ing you of the di­ver­sion onto the lower or up­per track. It ac­tu­ally goes around in a loop and from the lower track you can see the lake and some of the wildlife.

Back on the main up­per track you will en­joy a walk through the lovely grassy area even­tu­ally end up cross­ing a bridge, then veer­ing left along a gravel path where you will pass over the dam which turns the lake into a wa­ter catch­ment area and sev­eral warn­ing signs to keep on the path.

Fur­ther along you can di­vert to an­other signed look­out. Keep to the sign posts which will take you to the far car park at the end of the road where you can walk around the lake back to your car. If of course you start your walk at the wa­ter catch­ment end you will re­verse the walk back to the first car park and then around the road back to the end park­ing area. Which ever end you choose to start your walk is your choice.

There is one toi­let which is sit­u­ated on the left of the road near the first car park off the SH3 en­trance.

Lake Mangama­hoe has a large bri­dle path area for horses at the en­trance on the left of the road on the way to the end park­ing area. There are usu­ally horse floats and ac­tiv­ity there which can be seen from the road where you can also walk the tracks some of which are steep, there is also a separate large area for moun­tain bik­ing to the right of the walk around the lake. The en­trance is fur­ther south along SH3.

This walk I would class as medium, you need a cer­tain amount of fit­ness, ad­e­quate footwear and a love for na­ture.

Above: Mt Eg­mont for Lake Mangama­hoe. Mid­dle left: Warn­ing sign by the dam area. Be­low right: In­for­ma­tion map of the area.

Op­po­site page above left: On the Lower loop down to the lake. Above right: Lead­ing to end car park area. Be­low right: Walk­ing through a grassy area.

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