Walking New Zealand : 2020-05-01

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Coming Events

Coming Events Please note that because of the Covid-19 lockdown some events advertised in New Zealand may be reschedule­d, posponed or cancelled. THINK SAFETY THIS SUMMER SPECIASPLE­CIAL Only $449 Only $479 including P&iPncluding P&P ACR ResQLink PLABCR- R3e7s5QLin­k PLB - 375 Includes Free gifts with purchase SPECFIRAEE Only $449 1L67 pice 1st aid kit, LED torch, more! including P&P ACR ResQLink PHLDBP-ou3c7h5and Includes FrHeeavgie­ftsawSiath­fepuarcnhd­asHe appy Summer COVER ALL YOUR BASES $15 - 1 day $-370-d3adyasys Now available in 41 ou$tle1ts 5 - 1 day $40 - 3 days Available for sale$/hi3re0 $1$540- -17ddays $34$300 $30 for every week after Farm Safe and OSH are now pushing for all farmers who work on their own to have one oCfOthVeEs­Re sUaRfeBtyA­kSitES fo-r e37verydwa­eeyk asfter your first week of hire COVER ALL YOUR BASES $30 for every week after Now available in 41 outlets AinLtLheYi­Or Available for sale/hire Now available in 41 outlets Ph (03) 226 6341 or (027) 412 2925 ww.locatorbea­cons.co.nz Farm Safe andAOvSHai­alraebnloe­wfpourshsi­anlgef/ohr all farmers whFoarwmoS­rakfeonant­dhOeSiHr oawre have one of thaelslefa­irnmtehrse­wirhsoawfe­otrkyokni ire notwo pushing for their own two have one of these in their safety kit 45 www.walkingnew­zealand.co.nz Walking New Zealand, issue no 268 - 2020

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