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1 What un­com­fort­able item of fur­ni­ture can be found in the Red Keep’s Great Hall? 2 In cor­po­rate-speak, what is a CIO? 3 “Soc­cer” comes from what word? 4 Fifty years ago in Auck­land, Jo­han Klisser be­gan mak­ing what Kiwi sta­ple? 5 Bun­ga­low, jun­gle, py­ja­mas, sham­poo are English words bor­rowed from what coun­try? 6 Awarded ev­ery four years, the Fields Medal has been called the equiv­a­lent of a Novel Prize – in what dis­ci­pline? 7 The river Spree flows through which cap­i­tal city? 8 What city’s name can be trans­lated as “Fra­grant Har­bour”? 9 Ac­tor Jodie Whit­taker will be the 13th what? 10 Com­piled by Mark Fryer; an­swers,

1 The Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones) 2 A chief in­for­ma­tion of­fi­cer 3 “As­so­ci­a­tion”, as in “As­so­ci­a­tion Foot­ball” 4 Vo­gel’s bread 5 In­dia 6 Math­e­mat­ics 7 Berlin 8 Hong Kong 9 In­car­na­tion of the Doc­tor (in Dr Who) 10 Ice. (Rap­per Ice-T; date Ti­tanic struck an ice­berg; cap­i­tal of Ice­land; ice hockey star).

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