A mo­ment of calm

It’s Alla Heta, Brew­Mas­ter at Bell Tea Co, who cre­ates the per­fect cup of tea for you

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Hav­ing a Rus­sian back­ground, tea is per­fect for me be­cause we drink so much of it. Grow­ing up, my nanna used to make her own tea from the plants – she would go out and get black­berry leaves to make her own in­fu­sion. That’s the strong­est me­mory I have from my child­hood. Tea is part of me – it has been part of me all my life.

As a Brew­Mas­ter at Bell Tea Co, my role is to source high-qual­ity tea, en­sure the taste is con­sis­tent and cre­ate dif­fer­ent flavours and blends. So, I do ev­ery­thing from vis­it­ing the farms every year to get­ting the prod­uct, ship­ping it to New Zealand, check­ing blend­ing qual­ity, and mak­ing sure every batch of tea we re­ceive tastes the way it’s sup­posed to. Each day is never the same. You never know what you’re com­ing in to!


Every day starts with my tea tast­ings – it’s my morn­ing rou­tine. Our lat­est batch of tea will have ar­rived from pro­duc­tion the day be­fore and I try every sin­gle batch to make sure the qual­ity is con­sis­tent. It’s the only peace­ful mo­ment I get in my day, the calm be­fore the storm! I set up my tins, do any ap­provals, taste the dif­fer­ent teas and plan the rest of my time. Then some­times I’ll come back to the tast­ing room in the af­ter­noon, it’s the per­fect hid­ing place to en­joy a cup of tea. When I’m select­ing my own tea to drink, I choose Bell White Tea Pure, it’s my new favourite.


The act of mak­ing a cup of tea is good for your mood. You take your time, you re­lax, your breath­ing slows down and you be­come more peace­ful. You don’t rush to have a cup of tea. You grab a cup of cof­fee when you’re on the run, but when you have a cup of tea, you usu­ally sit down to have it. It’s a calm­ing mo­ment.

Bell White Tea tip:

Alla likes a long brew time, which is why she drinks Bell White Tea Pure. She can leave the tea bag in for at least five min­utes with­out it chang­ing the flavour.

A cup of Bell White Tea Pure is part of Alla’s af­ter­noon rit­ual, it’s a peace­ful mo­ment

in her work day.

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