Marwa de­fects to PDP

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With the exit of Marwa, the BAT/ SAS fisticuffs, the de­fec­tions of Ba­farawa, Sheka­rau, Bel­gore, there is no doubt APC is in cri­sis. A party that is un­able to man­age mi­nor in­ter­nal crises can­not be trusted to man­age com­plex Nige­rian crises. APC lead­er­ship is poor in people man­age­ment.

Bello Muham­mad Sharada bel­ ************************** APC is grad­u­ally be­ing grounded be­cause it is a party built on sandy soil, founded on de­ceit and ha­tred. I au­thor­i­ta­tively heard that Owelle Rochas Oko­rocha is also on his way out as well as Buhari who is in a top se­cret dis­cus­sion with the PDP lead­er­ship to con­test in 2019 af­ter Jonathan. Nige­ri­ans are no fools and PDP still ap­pears the only party to beat. Wel­come on board big brother Marwa. Let oth­ers see what you have seen and make haste while the sun shines! Nigeria is in the hands of God.

Spiff Charis spif­fcharis@ya­ ****************************** Their de­fec­tion is good for APC; we don’t need people who are just look­ing for money and not af­ter their people. Let them go and we will con­tinue to pray to Al­lah S.W.T to ex­pose all the hyp­ocrites in APC.

Ab­dul­lahi Ahmed atahmed1434@ya­ ************************** I am tired of these politi­cians; Mur­tala Nyako and Buba Marwa are look­ing for where to get more money to op­press the people around them. There­fore, there is no big deal in cross­ing from one party to an­other.

Ra­heem Su­laiman ra­heem­su­laiman62@ya­ ****************************** It was noth­ing but a congress of dis­grun­tled el­e­ments! Soon, Buhari will de­fect.

Ab­dul uk2ab­dul@hot­ ****************************** The de­fec­tions are based on their own in­ter­ests.

Ahmed Ab­dul je­ ****************************** This is ab­so­lutely right; APC can­not rule Nigeria be­cause the party has big­ger is­sues. But I strongly sug­gest that Nige­ri­ans should vote for PDP and pray harder for God to give us good lead­ers. PDP is good, and PDP has good lead­ers. Ev­ery­one de­serves a sec­ond chance, even GEJ. May the Lord be with us all.

Hashir Aliyu Mo­hammed jun­ ******************************

Haba Al­haji Marwa! Are you that broke? We know your ex­cel­lent track record does not con­form with the cur­rent PDP’s per­for­mance. Please, think again and come back where you ac­tu­ally be­long (i.e. APC)

Lawan Muhammed


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