De­fec­tions... Court tells 37 APC Reps to va­cate seats

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Our courts seem un­able to deliver un­bi­ased judge­ment. By this, there­fore, the judge has ruled that there was never a PDP fac­tion hence the judge­ment. Now what hap­pens to those who de­fected to the PDP from the ‘other par­ties’?

Jan Hazo **************************** Let those who have ears lis­ten very well; we are go­ing back to how it started in the First Repub­lic, be­fore the mil­i­tary struck.

Bo­laji Dairo

bo­la­jidairob­lues@ya­ **************************** This is “Daniel comes to judg­ment.” It is ap­palling that in Nigeria, politi­cians who are duly elected by their party can ditch the party at any point in time with­out car­ing about the party that brought them to power. The dec­la­ra­tion of va­cant seats for­merly oc­cu­pied by the 37 Reps by the Abuja court is quite in or­der. Let them go back to the grass­roots and cam­paign for the seat un­der their new party. If they win, they can come back to the Na­tional As­sem­bly as leg­is­la­tors of APC. In fu­ture, other politi­cians with sim­i­lar in­ten­tion to use one party and dump it for an­other will have to think twice. There is ev­ery need to sani­tise the sys­tem and a sit­u­a­tion where people, es­pe­cially the elected ones, dump their par­ties at will af­ter gain­ing a lot from them, should be checked and quickly too. In­deed, one man’s meat, they say, is an­other man’s poi­son.

Muham­mad Muham­mad


muham­ma­madyusif­muham­ **************************** Why is it that the de­fec­tion is now caus­ing up­roar? Since 1999 to date, elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives are mov­ing to PDP. Now, be­cause PDP is at the re­ceiv­ing end, it’s dis­turb­ing us.

Umar Ah­mad **************************** Thirty-seven mem­bers de­camped to APC be­cause of lack of good lead­er­ship by the rul­ing party, the PDP. They joined the APC be­cause they want to bring pos­i­tive change to Nigeria and Nige­ri­ans! PDP has failed the na­tion; af­ter 12 years noth­ing is work­ing in the land that is full of milk and honey! No go­ing back, change must done!

Abubakar Abubakar Lawal

lawal­ **************************** Let APC take the gover­nor of Bauchi and oth­ers to court so they can va­cate their of­fices too, us­ing this ‘judg­ment’ as prece­dence.

Musa Aliyu

fullmeshc­put­ **************************** Good, let it be a les­son to oth­ers as well. A party is not an at­tire that you throw away sim­ply be­cause you’ve seen a more colourful one! They should back­date it and en­sure they re­fund tax­pay­ers’ money paid to them since the de­fec­tion; law­mak­ers that are ig­no­rant of the laws they are voted to up­hold and en­act!


af­riman007@ya­ **************************** But the of­fence is also called “de­fec­tion”. Do we have dif­fer­ent pun­ish­ments for same of­fence, depend­ing on where the of­fender be­longs? Where is our law of ju­di­cial prece­dence? It means all those who have acted in a sim­i­lar fash­ion must be af­fected by the same kind of ver­dict. Other­wise, it is a mock­ery of our ju­di­cial sys­tem as the ap­pli­ca­tion of the law be­comes the sub­ject of who is in­volved. Yuguda and a host of oth­ers who have de­fected from other par­ties to PDP also have no busi­ness be­ing where they are at the mo­ment, be­cause of the of­fence of de­fec­tion, ir­re­spec­tive of their par­ties. Else, no law en­force­ment agent should at­tempt to en­force this judge­ment in the in­ter­est of fair play. The judge in this mat­ter leaves a lot to be de­sired.


shahid­ **************************** The judg­ment is fair; it’s high time you packed out of the NASS.



Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

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