Lamido wants 100% re­source con­trol

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Now we are get­ting some­where. I’m be­gin­ning to be­lieve the pre­dic­tion that by 2015 Nigeria will cease to ex­ist. All in­dices are point­ing to­wards that di­rec­tion. So be it, so that there may be peace.


charlese­ *********************** Well done Lamido we are with you on this mat­ter.

Hisham Habib

ahishamhabib77@ya­ *********************** Your High­ness, you are a very won­der­ful per­son. In fact, you have spo­ken the minds of ev­ery com­mon north­erner. I think it is good to con­tinue to main­tain your po­si­tion that the North has noth­ing to lose, no mat­ter what hap­pens to Nigeria. The com­mon man on the streets is ben­e­fit­ing very lit­tle from the so-called federal al­lo­ca­tion. If the ma­jor­ity of the people from the oil-rich Ig­bide vil­lage in the oil-rich Delta State will live in ab­ject poverty then some­thing must be wrong. Like I have al­ways said, south­ern lead­ers have suc­ceeded in blind fold­ing and fool­ing their people by giv­ing them the im­pres­sion that un­til they have full con­trol of their re­sources, the area will never de­velop. But this is un­ten­able if you con­sider the huge sums of money they are get­ting. Even now, they have the fa­mous 13 per­cent oil deriva­tion; they have NDDC; they have Min­istry of Niger Delta; in 2014 budget alone, they have N111 bil­lion al­lo­cated to them for federal govern­ment projects com­pared to only N2 bil­lion al­lo­cated to the whole of the North East. They do il­le­gal oil bunker­ing from which they are get­ting mil­lions of USDs daily; they do sea piracy etc. Now the ques­tion is why are they still poor? I think the an­swer is bad lead­er­ship. So long as they will not stand against those loot­ers who call them­selves gov­er­nors, sen­a­tors, hon­ourable mem­bers, com­mis­sion­ers, man­ag­ing di­rec­tors, they will never have it right even if you al­lo­cate the whole of Africa’s oil money to them. For me as a north­erner, I be­lieve ne­ces­sity is the mother of in­ven­tion. Def­i­nitely, we are not poor in any way; he who is blessed with over 250 dif­fer­ent min­eral re­sources and pop­u­la­tion with vast fer­tile land is ab­so­lutely richer. If some­body will think out­side the box and look at the threat crude oil is fac­ing in the world to­day as a re­sult of tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ment, then some­body will know that the good days will soon end, just like it started. I en­join my fel­low broth­ers in the South to please come out of the creeks and face the re­al­ity be­cause they are on the verge of mak­ing a life­time’s mis­take. They will surely re­gret it soon when oil be­comes in­signif­i­cant in the world mar­ket.

M. Baba

mo­hd­babau­mar@hot­ *********************** That’s why I like people who talk point-blank; the truth is al­ways bit­ter. Thank you very much Lamido for this con­tri­bu­tion. I am pretty sure, there are del­e­gates who feel the same with the Lamido but dare not voice out their feel­ing for fear of vic­tim­i­sa­tion or los­ing favour from their masters.



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