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Nigeria econ­omy now the largest in Africa. How do you feel the im­pact?

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Abubakar Mo­hammed

It is not real­is­tic be­cause the com­mon people do not feel the im­pact. One of the ma­jor de­ter­mi­nants of Gross Do­mes­tic Prod­uct (GDP) is the level of em­ploy­ment and if you want to know the em­ploy­ment level in Nigeria, the re­cent hor­ri­ble va­cancy ap­ti­tude test con­ducted by the Nige­rian Im­mi­gra­tion Ser­vice is the an­swer.

Abuwar Buba Mahre

It is gσσd news for Nigeria if it is true be­cause Nige­rian lead­ers are not straight for­ward. Let the masses feel the im­pact of this growth then they can start blow­ing their trum­pets and play­ing their drums to the world.

Aminu B. Ibrahim

Nige­ri­ans are not feel­ing the im­pact be­cause the un­em­ploy­ment rate is still very high due to poor plan­ning, cor­rup­tion and bad eco­nomic sys­tem. We should stop giv­ing democ­racy pri­or­ity over the econ­omy.

Ah­mad H. Bab­ban­mu­tum

They said nom­i­nal GDP. What is the real GDP? What is the rate of growth, if the GDP is com­pared to the pop­u­la­tion growth and tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ment? What is the per capita in­come? Can a coun­try’s econ­omy grow un­der in­se­cu­rity con­di­tion? An­swers to these ques­tions will re­flect the aver­age liv­ing con­di­tion of Nige­ri­ans.

Barr Em­man uel Yavala

We are suf­fer­ing from a very strange econ­omy where the rich keep get­ting richer and the poor keep get­ting poorer.

Rabiu Ab­dulka­dir

Since Nigeria’s top­ping the GDP rank­ing in Africa has noth­ing to do with alle­vi­at­ing the ex­treme poverty of the masses then there is noth­ing to cele­ber­ate.

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