15 An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can’t (3)

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When it comes to smart­phone plat­forms, there’s plenty to en­joy on iOS and An­droid alike. The “iPhone vs. An­droid” de­bate is ob­vi­ously a heated one among en­thu­si­asts, but most people will ac­knowl­edge that both plat­forms have ad­van­tages and dis­ad­van­tages com­pared to the other. Many pros and cons leave room for de­bate, of course, but one thing is cer­tain when it comes to third-party de­vel­op­ment: Google’s An­droid plat­form gives app mak­ers far more free­dom to ex­plore new func­tion­al­ity than Ap­ple’s iOS soft­ware. We have writ­ten about great An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can­not twice now in the past.

In the first edi­tion of this se­ries, we wrote about 1. Cover, 2. Swype, 3. Pro­file Sched­uler, and 4 An­droid Stocks Tape Wid­get Then, in the sec­ond edi­tion we cov­ered more out­stand­ing apps: 5. Smart Launcher, 6. Event Flow Cal­en­dar Wid­get, 7. DashClock Wid­get and 8. Avi­ate.

Now we’re back with part 3 of this on­go­ing se­ries, and there are more fan­tas­tic apps for An­droid users to check out if they’re look­ing to ex­tend the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of their hand­sets .



Tasker makes your smart­phone in­fin­itely smarter by au­tomat­ing prac­ti­cally any­thing and ev­ery­thing you want it to.

Tasker is the de­fin­i­tive au­to­ma­tion app for An­droid. Pos­si­ble trig­gers in­clude an app launch­ing, a spe­cific time or day, ar­rival at a lo­ca­tion, the tap of a short­cut, a count­down timer reach­ing zero, or just about any other event you can think of.

When one or sev­eral of the afore­men­tioned trig­gers oc­cur, Tasker can per­form any of more than 200 in-built ac­tions au­to­mat­i­cally. But per­haps 200 isn’t enough for you. Don’t worry, Tasker sup­ports plug-ins as well.

Send a text to your hus­band when you get to the gym. Shoot a mes­sage via What­sApp to your wife 30 min­utes be­fore she’s sched­uled to leave for the gym to re­mind her. Change your ringer set­tings and dim your dis­play when you get to your fa­vorite movie the­ater. Open Google Maps when your Blue­tooth con­nects to your car’s in­fo­tain­ment sys­tem. Email your lo­ca­tion to a client when you ar­rive at a meet­ing lo­ca­tion.

And these sim­ple ex­am­ples are just the tip of the ice­berg.

Want to change your wall­pa­per and launch a spe­cific app ev­ery time a cer­tain friend calls? Easy.

Want your phone to flash and sound an alarm each time your fa­vorite news site pub­lishes a new post? Done.

Tasker can do just about any­thing you can think of and much, much more.



If you spend way, way, way too much time sit­ting at your desk star­ing at the com­puter while you work, then you know that even the slight­est move­ments can put a se­ri­ous cramp in your seden­tary life­style, Like Reach­ing 14 inches to the left to pick up your phone and re­spond to a text mes­sage.

AirDroid is an amaz­ing util­ity that ba­si­cally turns your An­droid phone into a server and lets you con­trol it from your web browser. In­deed, this sim­ple free in­stal­la­tion brings you one im­por­tant step closer to never again hav­ing to avert your eyes from your com­puter mon­i­tor.

Right from the com­fort of your browser, AirDroid lets you read and re­spond to text mes­sages (be sure to en­able desk­top no­ti­fi­ca­tions from within the set­tings menu), man­age apps, play mu­sic, edit con­tacts, view pho­tos on your phone, make calls, man­age files and plenty more. You can even use AirDroid to cap­ture a screen­shot on your phone or take a photo with the phone’s cam­era.

If and when the time comes that you have ab­so­lutely no choice but to get up and step away from your com­puter, you can also use AirDroid to move files to your phone or push URLs to your phone’s browser.


Dodol Launcher

The cu­ri­ously named Dodol Launcher is de­scribed by its cre­ator Camp Mo­bile as an app for cus­tomiz­ing the decor of your An­droid in­ter­face.

In sim­ple terms, Dodol lays the ground­work for users to ap­ply any one of a huge num­ber of cus­tom themes to their An­droid phones. And we’re not just talk­ing about sim­ple wall­pa­pers here, we’re talk­ing about com­pletely chang­ing the look of your de­vice with a new lay­out, new icon packs, new wid­gets and ex­tended func­tion­al­ity.

The app’s de­scrip­tion states that “thou­sands” of high-qual­ity themes are avail­able to Dodol users, and they all in­clude cus­tom icon packs and unique graph­ics. Also in­cluded are var­i­ous skins for Dodol’s spe­cial wid­gets, which in­clude a mem­ory cleaner, quick set­tings, a bat­tery wid­get and a cus­tom­iz­a­ble wide set­tings wid­get for ad­just­ing things like Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, ringer pro­file and more.

“Your phone will be­come a piece of art­work it­self with the to­tally new wall­pa­pers and icons,” Camp Mo­bile says on the app’s set­tings page. Dodol Launcher is free in the Google Play app store.

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