15 An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can’t (4)

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We have writ­ten about great An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can­not thrice now in the past.

In the first edi­tion of this se­ries, we wrote about 1. Cover, 2. Swype, 3. Pro­file Sched­uler, and 4 An­droid Stocks Tape Wid­get Then, in the sec­ond edi­tion we cov­ered more out­stand­ing apps: 5. Smart Launcher, 6. Event Flow Cal­en­dar Wid­get, 7. DashClock Wid­get 8. Avi­ate 9. Tasker 10. Airdroid 11. Dodol Launcher.

Now we’re back with part 4 and fi­nal part of this on­go­ing se­ries, and there are more fan­tas­tic apps for An­droid users to check out if they’re look­ing to ex­tend the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of their hand­sets .

12. Hello SMS

It seems like there are a mil­lion mo­bile mes­sag­ing ser­vices out there right now, and new ones pop up each day. There is one thing that most pop­u­lar op­tions do not do, how­ever: Take stan­dard SMS into ac­count.

Hello SMS serves two main pur­poses. First, it com­pletely re­places your An­droid phone’s mes­sag­ing ap­pli­ca­tion, fun­nel­ing all of your stan­dard SMS, MMS and group mes­sages into an app with a gor­geous tab-based UI that might just be one of the most en­joy­able mo­bile mes­sag­ing in­ter­faces we have seen so far.

Be­yond that, the app lumps in a typ­i­cal data-based mo­bile mes­sag­ing ser­vice that pro­vides free un­lim­ited in­ter­na­tional mes­sag­ing to all users.

There are plenty of great mes­sag­ing apps out there for the iPhone, of course, but ob­vi­ously none of them have the abil­ity to also take over iOS’s in-built mes­sag­ing app and re­place it with a gor­geous new de­sign. Hello SMS is avail­able now as a free down­load in the Google Play store.

13. Weather Un­der­ground

Weather Un­der­ground also makes an iPhone app, In­deed it does, but Weather Un­der­ground’s An­droid app is a per­fect ex­am­ple of soft­ware that fea­tures ter­rific func­tion­al­ity on An­droid that its iOS coun­ter­part sim­ply can­not achieve.

Be­yond pro­vid­ing users with ex­haus­tive cur­rent weather and fore­cast in­for­ma­tion, the Weather Un­der­ground app for An­droid does two awe­some things that no iOS weather app in the App Store can do.

First, it al­lows users to add one of sev­eral weather wid­gets to a home screen, pro­vid­ing de­tailed weather in­for­ma­tion that is up­dated on a con­fig­urable sched­ule. Want to al­ways see the cur­rent weather con­di­tions with­out tak­ing up pre­cious home screen real es­tate?

Weather Un­der­ground’s app also al­lows An­droid users to dis­play the cur­rent tem­per­a­ture in the no­ti­fi­ca­tion bar along with an icon rep­re­sent­ing the cur­rent con­di­tions. This way no mat­ter what screen you’re on, you can al­ways see the weather.

Weather Un­der­ground is com­pletely free and it can be down­loaded from Google’s Play store.

14. Ap­pLock

There are plenty of iPhone apps that can hide cer­tain data such as pho­tos and videos be­hind pass­word pro­tec­tion, but what if you don’t want to deal with a brand new third-party app just to view hid­den con­tent?

Ap­pLock is a ter­rific An­droid util­ity that can pro­tect a wide range of stan­dard An­droid apps by re­quir­ing users to en­ter a pass­word be­fore ac­cess­ing them. This pass­word is in ad­di­tion to the stan­dard PIN or pass­code people might use to se­cure their An­droid de­vices.

By us­ing Ap­pLock, users gain a sec­ond layer of se­cu­rity to help en­sure no one can ac­cess their pri­vate data.

Ap­pLock can lock SMS, Con­tacts, Gmail, Face­book, Gallery, Mar­ket, Set­tings, Calls and any app you choose, with abun­dant op­tions, pro­tect­ing your pri­vacy.

Ap­pLock can hide pic­tures and videos, Ap­pLock em­pow­ers you to con­trol photo and video ac­cess. Selected pic­tures van­ish from your photo gallery, and stay locked be­hind an easy-to-use PIN pad. With Ap­pLock, only you can see your hid­den pic­tures. Pri­vacy made easy. Ap­pLock is a free down­load from the Play app store.

15. The Pirate Bay Browser

Re­gard­less of your opin­ion of The Pirate Bay and tor­rents in gen­eral, it’s hard to ar­gue that block­ing ac­cess to apps that deal with The Pirate Bay isn’t a char­ac­ter­is­tic of a closed ecosys­tem.

While iPhone users may never be able to ac­cess apps like The Pirate Bay Browser in Ap­ple’s App Store, An­droid users look­ing to ac­cess the pop­u­lar site have plenty of op­tions and this might be one of the best.

The Pirate Bay Browser does ex­actly what you think it does: it pro­vides people with ac­cess to The Pirate Bay, one of the most pop­u­lar tor­rent direc­to­ries on the planet. Users can see pop­u­lar tor­rents along with as­so­ci­ated de­tails, and links can be opened in the bit­tor­rent client of your choos­ing right from within the app.The Pirate Bay Browser is com­pletely free in the Google Play store.

This is the fi­nal part 15 An­droid apps that do amaz­ing things the iPhone can’t do, hope you were able to add some func­tion­al­ity to your phone that would make you max­i­mize it po­ten­tial.

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