Should Nige­rian states be re­duced from 36 to 12?

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Ahi Joseph Aon­doaseer

We are due for 50 states so as to bring govern­ment closer to the people. This would solve some prob­lems like in­se­cu­rity, poor health ser­vices, and im­prove ed­u­ca­tional.

Ba­batunde Gas

What we need in Nigeria isn’t re­duc­tion of states but sin­cer­ity in both fol­low­er­ship and lead­er­ship. The mo­ment we dis­cover that ev­ery man has right to live like a king in a coun­try as rich as Nigeria that is when rapid de­vel­op­ment will start.

Muham­mad Labaran

With the 36 states the pace of de­vel­op­ment is still slow. Cor­rup­tion is our bane not the re­duc­tion of states to 12.

Fwan­shishak Daniel

Yes, re­duc­tion in the num­ber of states will re­duce the num­ber of po­lit­i­cal crooks.

Bashir Muk­tar

To me re­duc­ing the num­ber of states is the best. Think of it in terms of re­duc­tion of govern­ment spend­ing, curb­ing and the wastage of the leg­is­la­tures. It will dis­cour­age greedy people from be­ing in the state houses of as­sem­bly.

Arome Ya­haya

We are fac­ing an over­crowd­ing prob­lem in the state cap­i­tals so in­stead of de­creas­ing the state why not in­crease the num­ber?

Ibrahim Egwa

States should be abol­ished and lo­cal gov­ern­ments strength­ened be­cause they are the real cen­ters of de­vel­op­ment. States are costly and waste­ful.

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