Boko Haram will not make Nigeria to dis­in­te­grate - Jonathan

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May Al­lah (SWT) come to the aid of north­ern Nigeria. Oil juice has turned most of our lead­ers use­less; agri­cul­ture is al­most no more while the cur­rent ar­ti­fi­cial cri­sis has driven our cat­tle own­ers to the South leav­ing us with vir­tu­ally no more pride. If one thought the cri­sis was pe­cu­liar to North-east, one is proved wrong as it is en­croach­ing into the North-west. The lead­ers, if we have any, are watch­ing with­out even an at­tempt to bring them­selves to­gether to sug­gest ways out un­til we are prob­a­bly no more. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

Mas’ud H.

ma­sud­haruna@ya­ *************************** Do­ing some­thing in­deed! Where are the myr­i­ads of Check­points in this area or are they there only to in­tim­i­date in­no­cent trav­ellers? My ad­vice to the top The day Boko Haram will di­vide Nigeria is com­ing, if a full scale state of emer­gency is not de­clared now in the three af­fected north-east states. ech­e­lons of these se­cu­rity out­fits is that they should re­mem­ber that se­cu­rity votes with­out work­ing for it is blood money.

Aminu Baba

amin­uba­ *************************** De­clare full scale State of Emer­gency in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe to save Nigeria from break­ing apart.


sobeko54@ya­ *************************** There are Boko Haram in­sur­gents in North-east zone, no doubt. But I still in­sist that the other at­tacks by gun­men “with so­phis­ti­cated weapons” in North­cen­tral and North-west vil­lages are per­pe­trated by people who ei­ther wish to set­tle old scores re­gard­ing the civil war that ended 44 years ago or cause dis­af­fec­tion



Mr. Pres­i­dent should please speak more on ac­tions he is tak­ing be­tween Mus­lims and Chris­tians in the North with a view to gain­ing po­lit­i­cally. My rea­sons are that the killings are in­dis­crim­i­nate, the mys­te­ri­ous mur­der of Gen. Shuwa, the Apo mas­sacre, and the in­volve­ment of Chris­tians in Church bomb­ings in these ar­eas. Their power in govern­ment ex­plains the in­volve­ment or help­less­ness of se­cu­rity men, as well as federal govern­ment’s in­abil­ity to stop the car­nage.

S. Maigari

sha­ *************************** I can re­call how people of Darazo re­cently alerted the po­lice and other se­cu­rity agents about sus­pi­cious move­ments of some people. Yet, the same se­cu­rity agents who have been urg­ing people to co­op­er­ate dis­re­garded the warn­ing. This is one of the rea­sons why many re­gard­ing the al­leged miss­ing $10bil­lion dol­lars, in­se­cu­rity, cor­rup­tion, sec­tion­al­ism, and many sim­i­lar dev­il­ish ac­tiv­i­ties wor­ry­ing team­ing pop­u­la­tion people sus­pect con­spir­acy in the un­whole­some abra­cadabra.

Com­rade Katsina



un­shak­able­com­rade@ya­hoo. com *************************** They plan, Al­lah plans; surely, Al­lah is the best plan­ner. What­ever they do, the north will re­main one and will grow bet­ter than it is. Let them con­spire and do what­ever they want to do. Al­lah is with us and will see us through this hard time. Boko Haram can­not be more so­phis­ti­cated than the Nige­rian Army as it is shown now. Surely, some people are be­hind it. May Al­lah de­stroy all those un­leash­ing this ter­ror on us and their col­lab­o­ra­tors be­fore the 2015 elec­tions.

Saleh Ngaski of Nige­ri­ans. Prayers alone may not be; enough ac­tion and prayer may jointly work bet­ter.

Lawan Muhammed


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