Man‘plot­ting’to bomb mosque nabbed in Abuja

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This ar­ti­cle con­tained no use­ful in­for­ma­tion but be­cause most Nige­ri­ans are ig­no­rant, they add and in­ter­pretwhattheirmindtell­s­them,or what they felt the ar­ti­cle should have said. There was no men­tion of bomb found on this per­son. Why was he taken to a chief in­stead of the po­lice? Nige­ri­ans are screwed up, where in the Nigeria Con­sti­tu­tion was it writ­ten that the tra­di­tional ruler is the pro­tec­tor of Nigeria cit­i­zens? Most Nige­ri­ans would rather ig­nore these con­tra­dic­tions and chase shad­ows. As long as he/she was given a ti­tle that is not rec­og­nized by the law, ev­ery­one sheep­ishly goes along.


fred­ndukwe@ya­ *********************** This has been the prob­lem of Nigeria’s se­cu­rity agents. Why is it that when­ever a sus­pect is ap­pre­hended try­ing to bomb ei­ther a Mosque or Church, the re­port will say un­named sus­pect? This is ridicu­lous! What are they al­ways cov­er­ing? May Al­lah con­tinue to re­veal their iden­ti­ties.


ibrahimshe­ *********************** Al­ham­dulil­lah! Thank God, Al­lah will re­veal them one by one In­sha Al­lah.


makatat­ *********************** Al­ham­dulil­lahi, May Al­lah SWT con­tinue to ex­pose them.

Isyaku Bala Ibrahim

iibala75@ya­ *********************** Why un­named per­son (sus­pect)? Is he a de­mon? Grad­u­ally, a day will come­andthose­be­hin­dallthe­sein­sults must come out for prose­cu­tion.

Nuraddeen Musa Akanya


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