Nyanya bomb­ing and il­log­i­cal re­ac­tions

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Al-Ghaz­ali, what else would you say about the Nige­rian Pres­i­dent who, in the same Kano “dance of shame” venue, in­formed us pub­licly that Kano state gover­nor mis­ap­pro­pri­ated what could be termed as the cash in­duce­ment he (the pres­i­dent) gave his party sup­port­ers through the gover­nor for the 2011 elec­tions he con­tested? Is cash in­duce­ment for elec­tion not an elec­toral crime in Nigeria? Yet, an elected pres­i­dent com­mit­ted it and is not ashamed to un­cover it while still in of­fice? Even the touts I know at Un­gurwa Uku Mo­tor Park would not be so dumb. I am also sur­prised that you still take Wole Soyinka se­ri­ously. I know for years that the lit­er­a­ture pro­fes­sor has lost fo­cus. May Al­lah save Nigeria!

Mas’ud H.

ma­sud­haruna@ya­hoo.com *********************** Could Soyinka be suf­fer­ing se­nil­ity to be mak­ing two op­pos­ing claims at the same time?



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