Kwankwaso’s com­mis­sioner joins PDP af­ter res­ig­na­tion

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If those close to the sun do not feel its im­pact, how do we ex­pect those stand­ing away from it to feel? As more and more people be­gin to re­al­ize their mis­takes and re­trace their steps, it is hoped that oth­ers who are still trapped by Kwankwasiyya against their con­science fol­low the likes of the for­mer com­mis­sioner. Her ac­tion is a wel­come de­vel­op­ment and a plus for op­po­si­tion in the state.

Muham­mad Yusif Muham­mad

muham­madyusif­muham­mad@gmail. com ********************************* Is there a dif­fer­ent name for a chameleon when it changes colour? All politi­cians are the same, self-cen­tered and greedy. Does it mat­ters whether they are in APC or PDP?


afropharma@ya­ ********************************* It is very un­for­tu­nate that Baraka left the

pro­gres­sive and dy­namic train.


aab­du­ ********************************* You have con­firmed my guess of what made you to de­camp to PDP. But will that be a good rea­son to be­tray the good work you have done? Af­ter all, you are not the one to con­test the chair­man­ship.

Abba Muhammed


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