Jonathan sets up com­mit­tee to re­solve HND/De­gree di­chotomy

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It is only in Nigeria that a HND grad­u­ate will have to posses PGD as a bridge to Masters de­gree. No coun­try can ever de­velop with­out the prac­ti­cal ap­pli­ca­tion of tech­nol­ogy which poly­tech­nics of­fer. In one univer­sity in North­ern Nigeria which pride it­self as the best, pro­mo­tion of a HND holder is four years while Bsc holder is three years. In the same univer­sity, PGD is run for two years and that does not guar­an­tee a HND holder with a two years PGD masters pro­gram. It goes on and on.

J. Mgaba

1mm­gaba@ya­ *********************** HND/B.Sc. di­chotomy is every­where; re­solve their strike, equip them and im­prove their man power, then they will pro­duce qual­i­ta­tive grad­u­ates. Most of their teach­ers will only get ad­mit­ted at 300 level based on the uni­ver­si­ties stan­dards; so solve those prob­lems in­stead.


u.a.dan­ *********************** It is rather un­for­tu­nate that this mat­ter has con­tin­ued to linger for so many years now. HND and de­gree are not the same. In the mar­ket, they are not. In the of­fice, they are not. Why bother to waste pub­lic funds or­ga­niz­ing an­other com­mit­tee? Is there any­where in the world or in ma­jor coun­tries where you can com­mence a Masters de­gree with HND? You would need a PGD or a pre-Masters. Does that not al­ready show that there is a di­chotomy? The teach­ing is not the same, nei­ther is the cur­ricu­lum. Both of them were sup­posed to fill dif­fer­ent gaps. In en­gi­neer­ing for ex­am­ple, a tech­nol­o­gist (HND) is dif­fer­ent from an en­gi­neer (De­gree). Be­cause HND starts on level 7 does not mean he can­not progress to any level as far as he shows com­pe­tence re­quired for those lev­els. If he needs more ed­u­ca­tion, he should get it. God bless Nigeria.

Tuneski *********************** I pray that this dif­fer­ence be­tween HND and De­gree hold­ers would be over.

Aliyu Nasir

nass2u@ya­ *********************** It is true that HND hold­ers need to ob­tain a PGD be­fore pro­ceed­ing to study for their Masters de­gree. We are not say­ing that the prac­ti­cal­ly­ori­ented HND is not use­ful to the de­vel­op­ment of our na­tion. Please, know that there can’t be prac­ti­cal with­out a ba­sic the­ory. If you do not get the the­ory right, then you can­not de­velop any­thing prac­ti­cally. There is a dif­fer­ence be­tween a care­full­yartic­u­lated cur­ricu­lum for a pe­riod of at least four years and a cur­ricu­lum bro­ken into two years. The learn­ing out­come will not be the same. If you do not want to suf­fer this di­chotomy then start on the right track - en­roll for a de­gree pro­gram. Any at­tempt to bridge this di­chotomy will en­cour­age lazi­ness and people will not pur­sue merit but ease of ob­tain­ing cer­tifi­cates. This will be a dan­ger­ous trend for the ed­u­ca­tional de­vel­op­ment of our na­tion.

J. Ge­of­frey

jwan­ge­of­frey@ya­ *********************** The is­sue of di­chotomy be­tween de­gree/HND hold­ers is to­tally mis­placed. When a state fails, this is what you see. The com­mit­tee set up by GEJ will achieve noth­ing. When poly­tech­nics were set up, they pro­duced mid­dle level man­power for in­dus­tries, com­merce and rare fields that uni­ver­si­ties could not pro­vide e.g. Mar­ket­ing, In­sur­ance Tex­tile tech­nol­ogy, print­ing etc. Kad­poly grad­u­ates of yore just walked into any tex­tile mill and got a job. All of a sud­den, uni­ver­si­ties left their core man­date and jumped into all man­ner of Di­ploma pro­grammes un­der the pre­text of rais­ing in­ter­nally gen­er­ated rev­enue, hence polytech­nic grad­u­ates be­came su­per­flu­ous. Even pub­lic ser­vice cir­cu­lars to the ef­fect that only polytech­nic diplo­mas be rec­og­nized for em­ploy­ment were and are be­ing brazenly ig­nored. If the in­dus­trial sec­tor of our econ­omy had not col­lapsed, polytech­nic grad­u­ates would have been tak­ing more high pay­ing jobs. The only rem­edy is to re­vive the in­dus­trial sec­tor at federal and state lev­els and the is­sue of di­chotomy will fiz­zle out.

Na­tor Agom

na­tor­agom08@ya­ *********************** All other parts of the world ad­mit people with HND di­rectly for masters; only Nigeria, which none of its uni­ver­si­ties is listed among the first 500 uni­ver­si­ties in the world, doesn’t.

Us­man A. G.


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