Pro-Jonathan groups spend big for 2015

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Pol­i­tics has since be­come busi­ness for in­vest­ment. It is for the high­est bid­der and who­ever thinks he/she can win elec­tion in Nigeria with­out spend­ing is just jok­ing. Even to­day, no­body lis­tens to an­other un­less one has money to com­mand the shot. In your house, if you don’t spend money for the chil­dren, one will not be re­spected as a fa­ther. Ev­ery­thing one does is about money. How do you cam­paign with­out money, talk more of hav­ing the op­por­tu­nity to be an in­cum­bent. The truth of the mat­ter is that noth­ing hap­pens with­out money be­ing spent, es­pe­cially among the des­per­ate politi­cians. Those who can­not spend pre­tend that they are for the masses and the same masses will be lured with money by those who have to get the poor politi­cians un­elected.

Muham­mad Muham­mad


muham­madyusif­muham­mad@ ************************** Even if there is no sin in any­body pro­mot­ing Jonathan, the truth must be told. I think these so-called pro-Jonathan groups must have a strong cen­tral body fi­nanc­ing them. If I hap­pened to be Pres­i­dent Jonathan, I would de­clare my in­ten­tion to run again for the pres­i­dency to­day. I will come up with my ar­gu­ments why I want to; and that will be the time when those that are against it will come up with their own. Mr. Pres­i­dent, why do you want to run for the of­fice again? Any­body who wasn’t able to achieve what he wanted to achieve as a pres­i­dent in vir­tu­ally six years with all the re­sources at his dis­posal, I think even if he is given chance like Mu­gabe, he will not achieve it.

Ab­dul­baqi Jari

jarab­dubaqi@ya­ ************************** As for now, Pres­i­dent Jonathan has the right to con­test the 2015 elec­tion, un­less the courts say other­wise. And it is only an ig­no­ra­mus who will be­lieve that he is not con­test­ing 2015. But thank God, Nige­ri­ans are not ig­no­rant. 2015 will be Jonathan ver­sus APC can­di­date.



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