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Trends on the In­ter­net are con­stantly chang­ing, and those changes tend to hap­pen ex­tremely fast. A web­site or so­cial net­work that was cool last year is prob­a­bly at least a lit­tle less cool to­day. That’s just the way it goes when it comes to web cul­ture and bet­ter tech­nol­ogy. We get bored and move on to newer, cooler things.

The In­ter­net is still young, but we’ve al­ready seen a whole bunch of sites, tools and so­cial trends peak in user num­bers and then slowly die right be­fore our eyes. So here’s a blast from the past of some of our most beloved In­ter­net trends we once knew and loved so many years ago – yet hardly even re­mem­ber to­day.

In the pre­vi­ous edi­tion we talked about

1. Geoc­i­ties, 2. ICQ, 3. Hot­mail, 4. Neopets and 5. Nap­ster

6. Friend­ster

Friend­ster, The “orig­i­nal Face­book” as some have called it. It first launched in 2002 and at­tracted tens of mil­lions of users who could con­nect with an­other, com­mu­ni­cate and share their in­ter­ests. Al­though it was con­sid­ered to be one of the very first so­cial net­works, it never man­aged to main­tain its pop­u­lar­ity much fur­ther into the 2000s – es­pe­cially as ri­val Face­book started ex­plod­ing on­line. Sur­pris­ingly, people still use Friend­ster these days. That’s right, it’s still alive. Friend­ster. com.

7. Al­tavista

It’s hard to re­call a time be­fore Google used to be the go-to search en­gine for ev­ery­thing. But be­fore Google got as big as it has in the 2000s, we had a lot of other op­tions to search for stuff. Al­tavista was one of them. Owned by Ya­hoo!, Al­tavista’s search en­gine was shut down in 2011 for fail­ing to keep up with the com­pe­ti­tion. You can still visit Al­tavista.com, how­ever punch­ing any key­word into it will re­turn re­sults from the Ya­hoo! Search en­gine.

8. Netscape

Re­mem­ber when ev­ery sin­gle PC had a Netscape short­cut on its desk­top to surf the web? Back then, Netscape held the ma­jor­ity of the web browser mar­ket. That’s right. times has changed since then. By the end of 2006, Netscape went from 90 per­cent browser us­age to less than one per­cent. It was buried for good in 2008. To­day, AOL uses the Netscape do­main and brand name to mar­ket its own news con­tent.

9. Mys­pace

Mys­pace. Now we’re talk­ing so­cial net­work­ing. Com­pared to most of the sites and tools that made this list, Mys­pace is ac­tu­ally do­ing re­mark­ably well. Be­fore Face­book, it was a mag­i­cal place that people could use to con­nect with cus­tom-de­signed pages. A lot of artists and mu­si­cians still use the plat­form to pro­mote their work and con­nect with their friends. But are we all so to­tally over Mys­pace now? We’re not too sure just yet. It was given a to­tal UI over­haul, with Justin Tim­ber­lake back­ing up this “new” kind of Mys­pace. We’ll keep you up­dated on this one.

10. MSN Mes­sen­ger

MSN Mes­sen­ger (or Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger). Be­fore we had Face­book and Twit­ter to keep in touch with fam­ily and friends, we had MSN Mes­sen­ger. For 14 years, it was the pre­ferred mes­sen­ger of choice for many of us. The ser­vice was shut down in March 15, 2013, the ser­vice was shut down for good. Users were en­cour­aged to take all their mes­sag­ing needs over to Skype in­stead.

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