Some deeds with re­wards like Hajj


There are sev­eral deeds which Ra­su­l­ul­lah (SAW ) has equated to the re­ward of Haj. Those who are not un­der­tak­ing the Haj jour­ney, may reap the re­ward of Haj by virtue of the fol­low­ing deeds:

1. Wudhu at home be­fore at­tend­ing Con­gre­ga­tional Salah:

Ra­su­l­ul­lah (SAW) has stated: “One who pu­ri­fies him­self (makes Wudhu) and leaves his home to at­tend the Fardh Salah in con­gre­ga­tion, re­ceives the re­ward of a Haji in the state of Ihram, and if he leaves for the Salatud-Dhuha (Chaast), he gets the re­ward of Um­rah.” (Abu Dawud) 2. Salatul Ishraq: Ra­su­l­ul­lah (SAW) has stated: “Who­ever of­fers his Fajr Salah in con­gre­ga­tion, and then re­mains seated mak­ing the Zikr of Al­lah un­til (ap­prox­i­mately 15 mins af­ter) sunrise af­ter which he of­fers two Rakaats of Salah (Ishraq), will re­ceive the re­ward of one com­plete Haj and one com­plete Um­rah.” (Su­nan Tir­midhi)

3. Go­ing to the Masjid to ac­quire Knowl­edge:

Ra­su­l­ul­lah (SAW) has stated: “Who­ever goes to the Masjid for the pur­pose of learn­ing or teach­ing Knowl­edge, re­ceives the re­ward of a Haji whose Haj was per­fect.” (Tabarani) 4. Serv­ing one’s par­ents: Sayyiduna Anas Rad­hiyal­lahu Anhu re­ports that a man came to Ra­su­l­ul­lah Sal­lal­lahu Alayhi wa Sal­lam and said: “I wish to par­tic­i­pate in Ji­had, but I can­not af­ford it.” Ra­su­l­ul­lah (SAW) en­quired if any of his par­ents were alive, to which he replied, “Yes! My mother is alive.” Ra­su­l­ul­lah Sal­lal­lahu Alayhi wa Sal­lam said: “Show Al­lah how you serve her. If you do so you will be like a Haji, a Mu’tamir (one per­form­ing Um­rah) and a Mu­jaahid.” ( Targheeb)

Note: The prom­ises of “Re­ward of Haj” are re­stricted to the re­ward only. It does not mean that the com­pul­sory Haj will be ful­filled by these deeds. (Sharh-Nawawi)


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