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Text by Eseohe Eb­hota @sleek_­diva88 he male folk would agree that keep­ing their closet or­ga­nized can be very dif­fi­cult. Also, don’t for­get that you need to be ready to make some ma­jor changes in your cloth­ing to the way your closet looks. Hence, I have some tips that would help our men whether sin­gle or mar­ried, to keep their clos­ets/wardrobes tidy and well or­ga­nized to make it easy for them while dress­ing:

First, empty the en­tire closet with all cloth­ing, linens to bag and shoes to what­ever may be stored up in there, so that you’ll have an empty closet to start or­ga­niz­ing.

Then add boxes or large con­tain­ers if needed to store such stuff like socks, ties or cuff­links. Add a shelf or di­vide one into smaller sec­tion. Bet­ter still, get those pull out racks for trousers. Di­vide your stuff which needs to be placed in the wardrobe and that which doesn’t be­long in­side at all.

Take out what you haven’t been wear­ing at all and store up these in the top store shelves but keep one or two cardi­gans or sweaters out for a cold to rainy sea­son be­cause you may need one as per the cli­mate.

T-shirts should be folded rather than put on hang­ers as they be­come droopy if hung for a long time. Di­vide your daily rou­tine shirts and of­fice shirts away from your dress

Tshirts to party shirts. Do the same for the blaz­ers and suits.

Keep the ones you use daily on one side while the other oc­ca­sional wears should be kept on the other side hang­ing in the same space. Keep a tie drawer and sock drawer sep­a­rate be­cause it’s eas­ier to find and match up.

Your shoes and footwear for of­fice and for­mal oc­ca­sions should be kept on one side and the ca­sual ones on the other side but both need to be stored on lower shelves or bot­tom spa­ces.

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