Why you should chew Su­gar­cane daily!

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Text by Siki­rat Shehu, Ilorin

Su­gar­cane juice is an ideal thirst quench­ing drinks that keep you cool dur­ing the sum­mers. It is health­ier al­ter­na­tives to colas or fruit juices. The nat­u­ral drinks are free from chem­i­cals and of­fer a plethora of health ben­e­fits such as weight loss, im­proved di­ges­tion and glow­ing skin.

Su­gar­cane Juice is the raw ma­te­rial from which ta­ble sugar is made and it is as well ob­tained by crush­ing peeled su­gar­cane in a ma­chine. How­ever, drink­ing su­gar­cane juice is one of the eas­i­est ways to beat de­hy­dra­tion and heat stroke dur­ing the sum­mers.

Su­gar­cane juice loaded with glu­cose and elec­trolytes func­tions as an in­stant energy booster. It re­lieves burn­ing sen­sa­tion caused by uri­nary tract in­fec­tions (UTI) and is one of the best home reme­dies for cold and flu.

Ex­perts also say con­sum­ing su­gar­cane juice mixed with lime juice, ginger juice and co­conut wa­ter can cure gon­or­rhea, cys­ti­tis and nephri­tis.

More of the ben­e­fits in­clude com­bat­ing can­cer - Flavones present in su­gar­cane juice com­bat pro­duc­tion and spread of can­cer­ous cells, par­tic­u­larly prostate and breast can­cers.

Glow­ing Skin - The juice con­tains flavonoids and phe­no­lic com­pounds that help the skin to re­main healthy, soft and sup­ple while pre­vent­ing early ag­ing and wrin­kles.

Liver Func­tion­ing - Su­gar­cane juice keeps biliru­bin lev­els in check. High level of it re­sults in jaun­dice. It pro­tects the liver from dam­age and acts as a pal­lia­tive to a dam­aged liver.

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