The belief in the Last Day

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The Last Day which is also called Day of Qiyaam (Stand­ing) is the end of the world. It is called the Day of Qiyaamah be­cause of the long stand­ing of peo­ple be­fore Al­laah. It is also called Day of Ba’th (Res­ur­rec­tion) be­cause peo­ple will be res­ur­rected that Day from their graves.

To be­lieve in the Last Day is to af­firm all what will hap­pen that Day and to pre­pare to­wards it. Scholars said it does not suf­fice to just af­firm and ac­cept what will hap­pen on that Day, one must also pre­pare for it by putting good deeds for­wards and keep­ing away from bad deeds.

Al­lah says: “The dis­be­liev­ers pre­tend that they will never be res­ur­rected. Say (O Muham­mad, sal­lalLaahu alayhi wa salam) yes! By my Lord, you will cer­tainly be res­ur­rected, then you will be in­formed of (and rec­om­pensed for) what you did, and that is easy for Al­laah” (Su­rah atTaghaabuun).

While ex­plain­ing this verse, the scholars of Taf­seer said Al­laah or­dered his Mes­sen­ger to swear( by his Lord that He will raise His crea­tures) to af­firm that the state­ments of the dis­be­liev­ers in this Day are false.

Al­laah says about the dis­be­liev­ers in Su­rah alAn’aam: “And they (dis­be­liev­ers) say, ‘There is no (other life) but our (present) life of this world, and never shall we be res­ur­rected ( on the Day of Res­ur­rec­tion)’.

The Qur’aan con­tains a lot of refu­ta­tions for those who re­ject the Res­ur­rec­tion. Al­laah says: “Did you think that We had cre­ated you in play (with­out any pur­pose), and that you would not be brought back to Us? So ex­alted be Al­laah, the True King”. (al-Mu’min­uun).

Ac­cord­ing to Is­lamic scholars, if there would not to be Res­ur­rec­tion and re­ward for ac­tions, cre­ations would have been use­less.

“Any­one who says there is no res­ur­rec­tion is a dis­be­liever be­cause he has be­lied Al­laah and His Mes­sen­ger and the con­sen­sus of the Mus­lims and that which is known in the re­li­gion by ne­ces­sity. Thus, there is no doubt in the dis­be­lief of the one who re­jects Res­ur­rec­tion”, Shaykh Fawzaan alFawzaan said in his book, Al-Min­hat Ar-Rab­baaniyyah.

In his book, ‘He came to teach you your re­li­gion’, Us­taaz Abu Naasir Ibrahim Ab­durRauf wrote: “From belief in the Last Day is the belief in ev­ery­thing that Al­laah and His Prophet(sal­lalLaahu alayh wasal­lam) in­formed us con­cern­ing what will hap­pen, right af­ter the mo­ment of death. Thus, we must be­lieve in the trial of the grave, its pun­ish­ment and the en­joy­ment of the grave. When the dead is placed in his grave, and the soil is lev­elled above him and peo­ple dis­perse; “he will cer­tainly hear the taps of their shoes; two an­gels will come to him and his soul will re­turn to his body and they will sit him up and ask him, ‘who is your Lord? What is your re­li­gion? Who is your Prophet? Three ques­tions; if he re­sponds with the cor­rect an­swers he is saved and suc­cess­ful but if he is un­able to an­swer, he is un­suc­cess­ful and de­stroyed and has wasted his stay in the worldly life.”

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