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Dr Su­jit Chowd­hary, is a con­sul­tant pae­di­atric urol­o­gist at Apollo Hospi­tal, In­dia. In this in­ter­view at the side­lines of the 14th Sci­en­tific Con­fer­ence of Pae­di­atric Sur­geons in Abuja, he spoke on health care in Nige­ria and In­dia and ro­botic surgery among oth­ers. in US and UK. The pae­di­atric sur­geons in

How are you able to bring Nige­ria can ben­e­fit from that down costs? by vis­it­ing our cen­tres, see­ing

A vis­i­tor from Nige­ria our work, bring­ing some of us worked with us. Be­fore he here to help them build such came to us, he stayed in the cen­tres. US for a month. You can ask La­paro­scopic surg­eries him what his ex­pe­ri­ence was. for chil­dren are still not Some­body from Nige­ria goes very wide­spread in Nige­ria. to train in the western world, How ex­ten­sive are they as a he will not get the same pro­gramme? re­cep­tion as he would get It is very well de­vel­oped. In when he comes to us. the last two years, I have not

We were in the same opened any child’s ab­domen. po­si­tion where you are to­day It is well de­vel­oped but it just a cou­ple of years ago. We re­quires many hours of have made this jour­ney to train­ing, a lot of hard work. mod­ern­ize our surgery from Skills ac­qui­si­tion takes time. get­ting out of the shack­les Are there new con­di­tions that mil­i­tate against med­i­cal you have seen emerge among growth. chil­dren in In­dia that could

We have it set up now be sim­i­lar to Nige­ria? that we have la­paro­scopic I don’t think there are new surgery and ro­botic surgery kinds of dis­eases, but there in chil­dren. Our new­born are new kinds of treat­ment. sur­vival now is more than For ex­am­ple, trans­plant­ing 95%. We have a very strong the liver or kid­ney of a baby, trans­plant pro­gramme for ap­proach­ing surgery by the liver and kid­ney for chil­dren. ro­botic ap­proach.

In what ways are you part­ner­ing with Nige­ria on health­care? Nige­ria is a de­vel­op­ing coun­try, In­dia is also a de­vel­op­ing coun­try. We have a hospi­tal in Delhi and we have been able to put in place all kinds of mod­ern sur­gi­cal ap­proaches avail­able any­where in the world.

Cit­i­zens of the de­vel­op­ing world in Africa, Asia, when they need health­care, have to ac­cess it from the de­vel­oped world at 10 times the cost we can de­liver.

We are here to co­op­er­ate with Nige­rian pae­di­atric sur­geons to part­ner with them, help them with ca­pac­ity build­ing and when­ever there is op­por­tu­nity to of­fer our sur­gi­cal ser­vices in spe­cial­ized area of pae­di­atric surgery at a cost which is ac­tu­ally one-tenth of the cost

The big­gest chal­lenge about pae­di­atric surg­eries in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries is up­lift­ing the sur­vival of new­born surg­eries, and that re­quires lift in sur­gi­cal skills, sur­gi­cal plan­ning, neona­tal in­ten­sive care. Our sur­gi­cal pro­gramme for chil­dren is at par with Bos­ton and Lon­don.

The de­vel­op­ing world is a very large world ex­tend­ing from the whole of Africa to the whole of Asia, and there isn’t a cen­tre of ex­cel­lence where such stan­dard has been achieved.

What makes surgery dif­fer­ent?

It is a very ex­cit­ing field. For ex­am­ple, if your kid­ney has got tu­mour, imag­ine your­self be­ing cut open, imag­ine the sur­geon go­ing in do­ing a lot of col­lat­eral dam­age to other or­gans or trauma. Imag­ine your­self com­ing out of op­er­a­tion how much pain you’d have, imag­ine your­self sit­ting in hospi­tal for 10, 12 days for the wound to heal, whereas with ro­botic surgery you do not need to un­dergo any open surgery at all.


Dr Su­jit Chowd­hary

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