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Let me give you an ex­am­ple; some years back, if you are fa­mil­iar with the road from Kubwa to DeiDei to Zuba. When ply­ing that road in the morn­ing then, you would find po­lice­men wait­ing for lift to work. Some­times they would en­ter a truck or tip­per car­ry­ing sand which was very dan­ger­ous and de­hu­man­iz­ing of the po­lice and the po­lice sys­tem.

Okada rid­ers are said to con­sti­tute se­ri­ous prob­lem, I am sure you would have some rec­om­men­da­tions or sug­ges­tions on how to curb their menace?

Yes, if you meet 10 peo­ple in Kubwa and ask them about Okada op­er­a­tors’ ac­tiv­i­ties, nine of them would con­demn their ac­tiv­i­ties and each time a meet­ing is called, you find the okada is­sue tak­ing cen­tre stage. We have to come up with res­o­lu­tions. To start with, we have two op­tions; the first is to reg­u­late okada op­er­a­tion, the sec­ond op­tion is to go to the author­i­ties and sub­sti­tute okada with tri­cy­cles. If we want to re­tain the ser­vices of the okada rid­ers, be­cause many mem­bers of the com­mu­nity are in­volved, we have to come up with a modal­ity that would reg­u­late their bad be­hav­iour.

One of th­ese I sug­gested is to have all the okada rid­ers reg­is­tered at the trans­port depart­ment of the po­lice; the po­lice would do that by get­ting jack­ets and num­ber­ing them, then each okada op­er­a­tor would have one jacket with the num­ber. His pic­ture would be taken and a file opened for him.

Would you like to give a mes­sage to the com­mu­nity on how to co­op­er­ate with the po­lice on se­cu­rity?

My mes­sage


the com­mu­nity is first of all, you must know your neigh­bours, at least five to 10 neigh­bours on your left and on your right. You should be hav­ing com­mu­nity meet­ings weekly to en­sure fa­mil­iar­ity. The meet­ing should be reg­u­lar, even if it is monthly. This is what we do in my com­mu­nity. I am ap­peal­ing to other com­mu­ni­ties not only in Kubwa, to be hav­ing com­mu­nity meet­ings and they should try to know one an­other. There is need for you to know your neigh­bour. I am try­ing to get some peo­ple of like minds to in­tro­duce some­thing called “Know your neigh­bour”.

This will help the com­mu­nity and the po­lice.

Rtd Capt. Aliyu Garba

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