It’s wrong to de­scribe Bauchi APC as weak – Uba Nana

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There seems to be fric­tion be­tween mem­bers of the APC and its elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Bauchi. How would you re­act to this?

The re­la­tion­ship be­tween the party lead­er­ship, mem­bers of the party, its elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives at state and fed­eral lev­els, as well as the state gov­ern­ment has been very good all this while. The party is the foundation and a mother to all its mem­bers, whether you are an elected or ap­pointed per­son hold­ing of­fice, as long as you are a mem­ber, the party will re­late well with you with­out any pref­er­en­tial treat­ment. The party does not quar­rel with any of its mem­bers. So, we don’t have prob­lem what­so­ever with any elected mem­ber in the ex­ec­u­tive and the leg­is­la­ture in Bauchi State. And any of its mem­bers, who does some­thing wrong, the party will al­ways call his at­ten­tion. I am as­sur­ing you that there is no prob­lem be­tween the party and the two arms of gov­ern­ment. No­body has ever fought with the party on any is­sue. That is why we have reg­u­lar meet­ings of the party’s ex­ec­u­tives and the elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives where we dis­cuss our per­for­mance and as­sess our achieve­ments and chal­lenges. We know that we have to work for the peo­ple who elected mem­bers of our party and we must ful­fill the prom­ises we made to them. There­fore, we must al­ways re­flect on our per­for­mance, what we have done and what we need to do and what to avoid.

Some mem­bers of the party re­cently called a press con­fer­ence and ac­cused two Bauchi sen­a­tors of flout­ing the APC direc­tive. Don’t you think that ac­tion sig­ni­fies that there is a prob­lem?

Like I told you be­fore, APC is in­tact in Bauchi State. You can­not es­cape hav­ing dif­fer­ences of opin­ion Al­haji Uba Nana is the All Pro­gres­sives Congress (APC) Chair­man in Bauchi State. In this In­ter­view, he speaks on mat­ters af­fect­ing the party in the state and other is­sues. Ex­cerpts: in a party. It is one of the fun­da­men­tals of party pol­i­tics and good for democ­racy. We don’t have cri­sis in the party lead­er­ship in Bauchi. We may have dif­fer­ences on is­sues, but cri­sis, no we don’t have cri­sis. What you said about some peo­ple voic­ing their opin­ions on the two sen­a­tors is not a cri­sis. Peo­ple are en­ti­tled to their opin­ions on elected or ap­pointed rep­re­sen­ta­tives. The party is aware of it though we were not of­fi­cially in­formed. The peo­ple who were hurt by what they think the sen­a­tors have done wrong have not in­formed the party about their griev­ances. The two sen­a­tors af­fected have also not in­formed the party about the de­vel­op­ment. How­ever, the party has a re­spon­si­bil­ity to wade into the is­sue and me­di­ate be­tween the par­ties in­volved.

You said that the party has ac­cepted the res­ig­na­tion of its Deputy Chair­man Bauchi South, Musa Adamu Lar, which he had with­drawn at a stake­hold­ers meet­ing. What were the rea­sons he gave to the party for his res­ig­na­tion in the first place?

He did not sub­mit his res­ig­na­tion to the party un­til af­ter he held a press con­fer­ence. He in­formed the world that he has re­signed. One of the rea­sons he gave was that there is lead­er­ship weak­ness in the party. He listed many rea­sons which he said were what made him re­sign his po­si­tion. Since no­body forced him to re­sign, the party ac­cepted his res­ig­na­tion in good faith and the party will put in some­body to act in that ca­pac­ity who will over­see the af­fairs of the party in Bauchi South be­cause the peo­ple of the area must be in­volved in the af­fairs of the party.

But he said his res­ig­na­tion was also based on the fact that he had in the past called the at­ten­tion of the party’s lead­er­ship about some lapses on sev­eral oc­ca­sions, but the lead­er­ship ig­nored him…

Look, if he said that the APC lead­er­ship is weak in Bauchi, he is also in­volved be­cause he is one of the key lead­ers and de­ci­sion mak­ers in the party. Any­thing good or bad done in the party must have his in­put. I can’t re­mem­ber a time when, not even him who holds a key po­si­tion in the party, an or­di­nary mem­ber of the party brought a sug­ges­tion to do some­thing in the right way and was ig­nored by the party’s lead­er­ship. You know, it is not pos­si­ble to ig­nore a sug­ges­tion from a mem­ber of the party’s state work­ing com­mit­tee. He is among the 16 lead­ers of the party who al­ways take de­ci­sions for the party. He also rep­re­sents the in­ter­ests of seven lo­cal gov­ern­ments in Bauchi South, there­fore, there was no de­ci­sion taken by the party which he was not in­volved. A per­son has the right to say what­ever he wants to say, but any­thing that con­cerns this party whether good or bad, he was af­fected, not only af­fected but he was in­volved. I have said it on many oc­ca­sions that any mem­ber of the party who sees any­thing wrong go­ing on should call our at­ten­tion. The party does not be­long to a sin­gle in­di­vid­ual or the lead­er­ship, it be­longs to all its mem­bers and we can­not take any uni­lat­eral de­ci­sion with­out the in­put of the other mem­bers of the party. We are do­ing this be­cause a small mis­take on our part will af­fect a lot of peo­ple.

There were ru­mours re­cently about some leg­is­la­tors mak­ing moves against the gover­nor. Is the party aware of such at­tempts? If so, what is the party do­ing about it?

As a party, we have never taken such ru­mours se­ri­ously be­cause to the best of our knowl­edge, like I have stated ear­lier, all or­gans of gov­ern­ment and the party have an ex­cel­lent re­la­tion­ship and things are go­ing on smoothly. If you speak to any of the state leg­is­la­tors in Bauchi, he will tell you that he is not even aware of any fric­tion be­tween them and the ex­ec­u­tive. First of all, when the ru­mour started, the state as­sem­bly was in re­cess and a good num­ber of the mem­bers had trav­elled for Hajj at the time. You know that there will al­ways be de­trac­tors ped­dling ru­mours in or­der to bring about con­fu­sion and dis­af­fec­tion be­tween lead­ers and fol­low­ers. We were not sur­prised about th­ese things. What is play­ing out was an old known strat­egy by some el­e­ments in the state, whose stock in trade has al­ways been to black­mail any ad­min­is­tra­tion in Bauchi State. Some past ad­min­is­tra­tions had suc­cumbed to their black­mail and had given them money to shut them up. But this ad­min­is­tra­tion re­fused to suc­cumb to such black­mail and will not do what the pre­vi­ous ad­min­is­tra­tions had done.

Alh Uba Nana

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