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Daily Trust - - OPINION - By Sabo I. So­dangi

What hap­pened on 28th March and 11th April 2015 in Nige­ria was a rev­o­lu­tion no more no less. The dic­tionary de­fines rev­o­lu­tion as …. “a po­lit­i­cal up­heaval in a gov­ern­ment or na­tion state char­ac­terised by great change”. Overnight the opposition party be­came the rul­ing party not only at the Fed­eral level with vast ma­jor­ity in the Na­tional Assem­bly but also in most states of the Fed­er­a­tion. The suc­cess at the elec­tions was by far greater than the win­ning party’s wildest imag­i­na­tion!

We need to re­alise that rev­o­lu­tions don’t hap­pen by de­fault. They are achieved by metic­u­lous plan­ning and dogged im­ple­men­ta­tion of the plans. If this rev­o­lu­tion suc­ceeds, Pres­i­dent Muham­madu Buhari (PMB) will be the great­est leader this coun­try ever had. Ev­ery­body in this coun­try even PDP stal­warts truly want him to suc­ceed. It is our duty to do all we can for him to suc­ceed.

A cursory look at rev­o­lu­tions es­pe­cially in the last cen­tury will show us that not all rev­o­lu­tions suc­ceeded. Salvador Al­lende’s bid in Chile in the 1970s ended quickly in aw­ful fail­ure. So did the Bol­she­viks in Soviet Union after nearly 80 years. Lee Kuan Yew’s Sin­ga­pore is a roar­ing suc­cess so are to a lesser ex­tent, Khome­ini’s Iran, Ho Chi Minh’s Viet­nam, Fidel Cas­tro’s Cuba, Mao Tse Tung’s China, Ma­hatma Gandhi’s India, Mo­hamed Ma­hathir’s Malaysia, Man­dela’s South Africa, etc. We ex­pect PMB’s name to be men­tioned along with the Lee Kuan Yews, the Ma­hathirs and the Man­de­las by Nige­ri­ans and in­deed by the rest of the world in the next few years after he has suc­cess­fully turned around the for­tunes of this coun­try and put it on the road to be­ing the true gi­ant of Africa that it should have been a long time ago.

The ques­tion is what makes some rev­o­lu­tions suc­ceed while oth­ers fail? For a rev­o­lu­tion to en­dure it must be based on an ide­ol­ogy that guides the Leader and must be shared not only by his lieu­tenants but also by all his fol­low­ers and the na­tion’s ci­ti­zens.

Ide­ol­ogy is de­fined by the dic­tionary as …. “Doc­trine, phi­los­o­phy, body of be­liefs or prin­ci­ples be­long­ing to an in­di­vid­ual or group”. Ev­ery­body knows PMB’s ide­ol­ogy which ex­plains the cult fol­low­ing he en­joys na­tion­wide. But we must put it in words that the or­di­nary man can un­der­stand AND BUY INTO!

PMB’s ide­ol­ogy has the fol­low­ing pil­lars: Dis­ci­pline; In­tegrity; Trans­parency; Ac­count­abil­ity; Lead­er­ship by ex­am­ple (LBE) and The fear of God

These traits should be shared by all his close as­so­ci­ates and all his fol­low­ers and the gen­eral pop­u­lace. These traits can eas­ily be mon­i­tored by him and by every­one. Any­one who lacks any of these traits should not be seen with PMB. There is need to sell this ide­ol­ogy to all and sundry so that the or­di­nary man can help mon­i­tor the elected and ap­pointed of­fi­cials with­out any ex­cep­tions. It is easy to know if some­one has no in­tegrity or trans­parency by his ac­tions. Ac­count­abil­ity de­mands that ev­ery of­fi­cial should be an­swer­able to a higher au­thor­ity e.g. the Ex­ec­u­tive arm should be an­swer­able to the Leg­is­la­ture and both should be an­swer­able to the Ju­di­ciary. Even the Pres­i­dent should be an­swer­able to elec­torate hence the need for him to sub­ject him­self to the vot­ers after four years. Lead­er­ship by ex­am­ple is the eas­i­est to mon­i­tor. The most graphic ex­am­ple per­haps of LBE is that Ho Chi Minh never bought shoes in shops; his shoes were al­ways made from used tyre rub­ber.

An ide­ol­ogy must have a name with which peo­ple will iden­tify and that this ide­ol­ogy should be known as Buhariyya (or Buharism). Na­tional Ori­en­ta­tion Agency, after the nec­es­sary repo­si­tion­ing and re­form­ing, can be made to play a sig­nif­i­cant role in pop­u­lar­is­ing and prop­a­gat­ing it by way of posters, mot­tos, jin­gles and songs. They can also in­volve the NTA and the FRCN in the prop­a­ga­tion of this ide­ol­ogy. Even Nol­ly­wood and Kan­ny­wood can be com­mis­sioned to play a ma­jor role in pop­u­lar­is­ing and prop­a­gat­ing this ide­ol­ogy.

Once this BUHARIYYA ide­ol­ogy is ac­cepted by the lead­er­ship, the new gov­ern­ment should come up with sound peo­ple-ori­ented poli­cies such as:

Mo­nop­oly of vi­o­lence by the state only; Strong mil­i­tary, Po­lice and other se­cu­rity agen­cies; Re­cently re­tired sol­diers to be re­called to help erad­i­cate the Boko Haram in­sur­gents and other crim­i­nals once and for all; Pow­er­ful Think Tank for for­mu­lat­ing so­cio-economic poli­cies; Full employment pol­icy; Strong SME pol­icy to re­alise full employment; Greater em­pha­sis on agri­cul­ture and solid min­er­als sec­tors.

Other poli­cies should also in­clude Ed­u­ca­tion for all; Health for all; En­sur­ing in­clu­sive po­lit­i­cal in­sti­tu­tions; En­sur­ing in­clu­sive economic in­sti­tu­tions; En­shrin­ing of in­ter­nal democ­racy in po­lit­i­cal parties; Elim­i­nat­ing money pol­i­tics; Rig­or­ous en­force­ment of the As­set Dec­la­ra­tion Law es­pe­cially on all top elected and ap­pointed govt of­fi­cials at all lev­els and Zero tol­er­ance for cor­rup­tion and im­punity.

Also, Ex­port-ori­ented in­dus­trial pol­icy to strengthen the econ­omy; Labour-in­ten­sive in­dus­trial pol­icy; Indi­genised tech­nol­ogy pol­icy; Ex­ten­sion of the lo­cal con­tent pol­icy to all sec­tors of the Na­tional econ­omy; Re­cre­ation of Na­tional Air and Shipping car­ri­ers (at least one each) as they are both highly prof­itable busi­nesses and Sound zero-based and tar­get- ori­ented bud­get­ing should be in­cluded.

The pol­icy ide­ol­ogy should also in­clude Abol­ish­ing forex auc­tions; CBN to stop be­ing a Bu­reau de Change; Govt forex to be re­served for govt’s pri­or­ity projects only; Ex­port-sur­plus pol­icy to strengthen the Naira; Budget-sur­plus pol­icy to strengthen the Na­tional econ­omy; Smug­gling to be heav­ily pe­nalised.

Each of these pol­icy is­sues can be ex­panded into po­si­tion pa­pers for fur­ther in­for­ma­tion.

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