Golf lessons Nige­ri­ans don’t know

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Don’t laugh, but any­body who knows the dif­fer­ence be­tween an Iron and a Put­ter is a golfer in Nige­ria. The fel­low doesn’t have to see the Range and get equipped with real Hand­i­cap be­fore storm­ing the course. At least, the fel­low can swing. At least, any­thing can hap­pen in Nige­ria.

All the same, we all agree that golf is de­cent, that it is an hon­or­able game where you get what you score, even though you still end up as your own ar­biter. Yes, in golf, you mark your own card. But could this be rea­son enough for the way­ward­ness that is now the norm in about all the golf cour­ses in the coun­try? I doubt this.

There is still a way out. This is not a Nige­rian elec­tion where peo­ple believe rig­ging can never be thrown to the dust­bin. This is golf where old things must pass away. Not by force, but by an act of the Heart… the act that al­lows a player to mark his own card. This can in­deed be achieved if we keep to heart some of the teach­ings of the game. It doesn’t mat­ter if you are a sin­gle hand­i­cap­per of a week­end hacker whose Gross reads close to 250, even af­ter part­ing with some 28 strokes.

The teach­ings are easy enough. Have a hand­i­cap. And its sad most Nige­rian golfers don’t know what this means and this is why many cheat freely on Hand­i­caps. Know it by heart that there are a few peo­ple who are hon­est in golf but cheat in life. Truth is every­body who cheats in golf cheats in life.

Don’t’ cheat on your hand­i­cap just be­cause you want to win. Take the game like an ex­er­cise. Hack as much as you can and pile up div­ots that could fill a mule house and don’t ever be afraid to be laughed at. You know why this is so? Okay hear it, golf teaches that even though you prob­a­bly don’t have a shot at be­ing the best, you do have a shot at be­ing the best you can be. Truth is golf teaches that both suc­cess and fail­ure are tem­po­rary. It also teaches that suc­cess is a lot more tem­po­rary. Be­sides, the game teaches that no mat­ter how good you are, there is al­ways some­one bet­ter and that per­son will usu­ally find and tell you. So why do you need to cheat?

Again, golf teaches that although prac­tice does not al­ways make ev­ery­one per­fect, but then there is no prac­tice that can make any­one im­per­fect. But in Nige­ria, we hardly know what it means to prac­tice. This is why you see a hacker moving onto the Range un­aided. The folk knows he needs a Pro around him but the pit­tance he will part with as wages of the Pro is al­ready giv­ing him a heart at­tack.

Hear this. Golf teaches that when you are good, you are free to tell peo­ple but when you are per­fect, it’s peo­ple who will tell you. “Jam­ming-Jam­ming” or not, don’t brag about your game un­less your Sur­name reads Ma­cll­roy. Peo­ple of lit­tle faith, this doesn’t mean you should be afraid to beat at your chest and pump your fist if you hole it from 28 feet.

And yes this. Golf is all about brain work. You have to think clearly so you don’t duff it where the ball will never been seen. But this doesn’t mean you turn the game into a race among Tor­toise. Sure thing is that although this game teaches that pa­tience is virtue, you must also know that the same game teaches that slow play is sin. Ask your­self this ques­tion. How do you feel that some peo­ple pack up their game be­cause of your slow game? Think of it.

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