Re: Sen. Suleiman Nazif Ga­mawa: The po­lit­i­cal ‘abiku’

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My at­ten­tion has been drawn to the base­less al­le­ga­tion pub­lished in Daily Trust News­pa­per of July 15th 2016, by one Mo­hammed Bababa Mu­jtaba Azare and his spon­sors, who are not in touch with the de­vel­op­men­tal strides of Sen. Suleiman Nazif in Bauchi North Se­na­to­rial Dis­trict and the Na­tional As­sem­bly.

But for the wide cov­er­age of the medium and their mis­un­der­stand­ing of leg­isla­tive func­tions, I would not have dig­ni­fied them with a re­sponse. No one can doubt that Sen. Nazif is an undis­putable leader, an engi­neer by pro­fes­sion, aside be­ing a grass­roots mo­bi­lizer, he is a com­mit­ted demo­crat, with 24 years in pol­i­tics, 16 years as a po­lit­i­cal elec­tive of­fice holder from 1999 to date, and he is the last man stand­ing in Bauchi State pol­i­tics.

The word “Abiku” is alien to North­ern cul­ture, tra­di­tion and re­li­gion. Please note, power be­longs to Almighty Al­lah and He gives it to whom he wishes. Re­fer to Su­ratul Ali’Im­ran.

Bababa and his spon­sors never voted for Sen. Nazif as pres­i­dent of All Nige­ria Youth Fed­er­a­tion, mem­ber, House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, Se­na­tor, Gov­er­nor, and Se­na­tor again. There­fore, are not in any po­si­tion to speak on be­half of Bauchi North.

Sen. Nazif is an up­right per­son who rep­re­sents the good peo­ple of Bauchi North. He and oth­ers fought Third Term Agenda and stood for Doc­trine of Ne­ces­sity. He sin­gle-hand­edly brought a new Po­lit­i­cal Party (AC) to Bauchi State and won elec­tion to the Se­nate. Sen Nazif is on the good side of his­tory and is widely known as a tire­less fighter for the masses and hope to Nige­rian youths.

They chal­lenged any one to point a sin­gle project brought to Bauchi North by Sen. Nazif. It is com­plete ig­no­rance and to­tal mad­ness to say a 3-term-mem­ber of the NASS does not have a sin­gle project to his credit.

Ev­ery­one, ex­cept Bababa and co, is aware Sen Nazif car­ried out free eye care treat­ment with free spec­ta­cles for over 100,000 ben­e­fi­cia­ries across Bauchi State. Some of Bababa’s fam­ily mem­bers were ben­e­fi­cia­ries. He has also pro­vided DSTV Pro­jec­tor view­ing cen­ters to the zone.

Sen. Nazif car­ried out the Ga­mawa Ero­sion Con­trol Project and more than 396 Bore­holes across 116 wards and dis­trib­uted hand-pumps to 300 farm­ers. He con­structed bore­holes with over­head tanks be­tween the mosques and emirs’ palaces across the zone. He built med­i­cal ward in FMC Azare and Hos­pi­tal in Lodiyo with drugs for 4 years.

He built class­rooms in Do­gon Jeji, Galdimari in Jama’are and con­trib­uted in the com­ple­tion of Zak­iGa­mawa road con­struc­tion as con­stituency projects. Nazif was re­spon­si­ble for the com­ple­tion of Azare Wa­ter Scheme and con­trib­uted in retic­u­la­tion sys­tem of Azare wa­ter sup­ply. This is where Bababa and co, drink from.

Ad­di­tional 116 bore­holes for the 116 wards lo­cated at mar­ket places. Hospi­tals in Ga­mawa, Katagum, Shira, Jama’are, Zaki, Gi­ade, Itas/Gadau, lo­cated at head­quar­ters of the lo­cal gov­ern­ment ar­eas. Sen. Nazif, made women em­pow­er­ment and ex­er­cise books for schools in Bauchi North. 4 Trac­tors and a Grader for com­mu­ni­ties are pro­vided for in the 2016 bud­get.

50 peo­ple were trained for em­pow­er­ment. Bababa and his spon­sors are in­vited for their grad­u­a­tion cer­e­mony.

Bababa and co, are with­out doubt, highly ir­re­spon­si­ble and miss-lead­ing, they should en­gage in some­thing pro­duc­tive in­stead of chas­ing shad­ows.

Mo­hammed Nuri­ideen Taba, Ko­far Gabas, Azare, Bauchi state, 08060508707

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