He who af­firms Tauhid will en­ter par­adise

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Al­lah said in the Qur’an: “In­deed, Abra­ham was a [com­pre­hen­sive] leader, de­voutly obe­di­ent to Al­lah, in­clin­ing to­ward truth, and he was not of those who as­so­ciate others with Al­lah.” (Nahli, 120).

The Almighty again said about those that will en­ter par­adise, “And they who do not as­so­ciate any­thing with their Lord”(Al-Mun­i­nun, 59)

A ha­dith has been re­lated from Hu­sain ibn Ab­dul-Rah­man, he said: “One day I was seated at Said ibn Jubair’s place when he said to me, “who saw the moon that fell yes­ter­day? I said, I saw it, and I was not pray­ing when I saw it but what hap­pened was that I was un­able to sleep be­cause I was stung by a scor­pion. He said and what did you do when you were stung by a scor­pion? I said I blew prayer on it. He asked why did you blow prayer on it? I said it was be­cause of what Sha’abiyyu re­lated to me. He then asked “then be­tween you and Sha’abiyyu who told you it is ha­lal to blow du’a? I said it was Bu­raida ibn Hu­saib that told us it was ha­lal to blow du’a in two in­stances only. Th­ese are against witch­craft and poi­son­ing.

He then said in­deed what you have re­lated is true but what I heard is from Ibn Ab­bas who heard the Prophet (PBUH) say, “I was shown some peo­ple and a prophet in their midst then I was again shown three peo­ple and a prophet, I was again shown a prophet all by him­self. I again saw a large num­ber of peo­ple and I asked are th­ese my ummah?” I was told that they were Prophet Moses and his peo­ple. I looked again and I saw an­other group with many peo­ple. I was told th­ese are your ummah. I was told that apart from them there were an­other 70,000 from among my ummah who will en­ter Jan­nah with­out in­ter­ro­ga­tion of pun­ish­ment.”

The Prophet (PBUH) got up and went into the house. The sa­haba dis­cussed amongst them­selves who were those 70,000? Some said they were the Prophet’s sa­haba, others said they could be those who were born into Is­lam and have never as­so­ci­ated Al­lah with any part­ner.

That was how the de­bate con­tin­ued as

they tried to fig­ure out who the 70,000 were.

The Prophet (PBUH) came out and they told him about the de­bate they were hav­ing. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “they are those who do not blow prayer in their en­tire lives and they do not en­gage in lalas (heated iron used with the be­lief that it would cure ail­ment) and su­per­sti­tion; it is Al­lah alone upon Whom the rely. There and then one of the sa­haba whose name was Ukasha ibn Muhsin said, ‘O Prophet, pray to Al­lah to place among those sev­enty thou­sand.’ The Prophet said you are among them. An­other sa­haba also said, ‘O Prophet pray for me, too, to be among the sev­enty thou­sand.’ But the Prophet said Ukasha did that be­fore you. Sec­tion Four: Cau­tion against shirk

Al­lah (SWT) says in the Ex­alted Qur’an: “And [men­tion, O Muham­mad], when Abra­ham said, “My Lord, make this city [Makkah] se­cure and keep me and my sons away from wor­ship­ping idols.” (Ibrahim, 35)

In a ha­dith, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “What I fear very much for my ummah is small shirk.” The Prophet was asked, what was small shirk? He said, “There is riya (that is do­ing some­thing for other than Al­lah).” Ibn Mas’ud on the other hand, said the Prophet said: “Any­one who dies as­so­ci­at­ing part­ner with Al­lah will re­side in Hell. (Re­lated by Bukhari). But Mus­lim said, from Jabir (RA) that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “He who re­turns to Al­lah with­out as­so­ci­at­ing part­ners with Him will en­ter Al­jan­nah, whereas he who re­turns to Him a shirk to Him, will re­side in Hell.”

The Almighty again said about those that will en­ter par­adise, “And they who do not as­so­ciate any­thing with their Lord”

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