His­tory does not favour des­per­ate as­pi­rants – Shet­tima


Well said. Pres­i­dent Muham­madu Buhari can­not be threat­ened by any­body in this coun­try presently. Ex­cept for his health; no­body can de­feat him in an elec­tion. He is not yet up to speed, but he is the best we have in the coun­try at the mo­ment.

Vic­tor Bassey-Ntekim

His­tory will also help us to iden­tify those who are clean and those who have some­thing to hide. There are many peo­ple who sy­phoned pub­lic funds, think­ing that they can get away with it. Shour Muhammed

All I can say is that no­body knows what the fu­ture holds for each and ev­ery­one of us. May God guide us all.

Ahmed Sabo

The gov­er­nor has spo­ken the truth. His­tory has shown that des­per­a­tion never favours any­one. Buhari was never des­per­ate but he was de­ter­mined and fo­cused.

Bala Tanga You are right, Gov­er­nor Shet­tima. God bless you.

Has­san Katsina I have heard the gov­er­nor, but we should all know that to every rule, there’s an ex­cep­tion.

Okafor Jus­tine Chinedu

His­tory favoured Buhari, so it will also favour Atiku. Let us not for­get that Buhari con­tested three times and he won at the fourth at­tempt.

Frank David Onovo

What is the def­i­ni­tion of des­per­a­tion? I think we should all watch what we say, as his­tory will judge us.

Aliyu Kawu Very apt analysis!

Umar Mam­man

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