Can it still be ap­pen­dix?

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I had an ap­pen­dix op­er­a­tion three years ago and in the last six months, I have been hav­ing pains around the same area. I have seen two doc­tors and done sev­eral scans and I was shocked that the di­ag­noses still showed ap­pen­dici­tis. What hap­pened? Does it re­grow? What do I do now? – Alex

Ap­pen­dix can­not re­oc­cur pro­vided the op­er­a­tion was done and prop­erly too. In a woman, there are other or­gans around the ap­pen­dix re­gion that can mimic ap­pen­dici­tis. These in­clude ovar­ian cysts; es­pe­cially com­pli­cated ones, haem­or­rhagic cysts and pelvic in­flam­ma­tory dis­eases with right hy­dros­alpinx.

In both men and women, ureteric prob­lems could also mimic ap­pen­dix. Also, ad­he­sions from a pre­vi­ous surgery can also be mis­taken for ap­pen­dici­tis.

De­spite the above, I have seen where a quack was said to have car­ried out ap­pen­dec­tomy but ac­tu­ally he didn’t. He just put the pa­tient to sleep, cut the skin and stitched back. We had to do an­other op­er­a­tion and we found an ob­vi­ously in­flamed ap­pen­dix. So I will like to know whether it was a pro­fes­sional or a quack that per­formed the op­er­a­tion.

If the pains and other symp­toms per­sist, an ex­ploratory la­paro­tomy will re­solve the mat­ter.

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