Char­ac­ter­is­tics of a blessed fam­ily

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We are cel­e­brat­ing the Fam­ily Month. It is our hope that God will visit ev­ery fam­ily and bring fresh bless­ings and break­through, in the name of Je­sus. God will visit the sin­gles and plant them in their homes, in Je­sus name!

Psalm 128:1-6 (AMP), sum­marises what you find in a blessed fam­ily.

BLESSED (HAPPY, for­tu­nate, to be en­vied) is ev­ery­one who fears, reveres, and wor­ships the Lord, who walks in His ways and lives ac­cord­ing to His com­mand­ments.(1)

[2] For you shall eat [the fruit] of the la­bor of your hands; happy (blessed, for­tu­nate, en­vi­able) shall you be, and it shall be well with you.

[3] Your wife shall be like a fruit­ful vine in the in­ner­most parts of your house; your chil­dren shall be like olive plants round about your ta­ble.

[4] Be­hold, thus shall the man be blessed who rev­er­ently and wor­ship­fully fears the Lord.

[5] May the Lord bless you out of Zion [His sanc­tu­ary], and may you see the pros­per­ity of Jerusalem all the days of your life;

[6] Yes, may you see your chil­dren’s chil­dren. Peace be upon Is­rael!

The fam­ily is God’s idea; ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion about the fam­ily must there­fore come from God. A close look at the Bi­ble re­veals God’s recipe for build­ing and en­joy­ing a godly fam­ily.

Your fam­ily is meant to be a place of hospi­tal­ity, heal­ing, and se­cu­rity. In 2Kings 4, the woman of Shunem and her fam­ily pro­vide a good ex­am­ple of a blessed fam­ily. A blessed fam­ily con­sists of the fol­low­ing: liv­ing by faith in ev­ery area of life.

The blessed fam­ily hon­ours the pres­ence of God (2 Kings 4:8-10). This un­named woman was a no­table woman. She re­spected the anoint­ing in Elisha and reached out to bring it into her home.

She and her hus­band were also will­ing to spend the time and money ($20,000 in to­day’s costs) to build a room for Elisha.

The woman was fo­cused on Elisha’s needs, not her own. Our homes should be open to re­ceive those who give and need min­istry. We must be de­liv­ered from “en­ter­tain­ing” (im­press­ing oth­ers) and be­come in­ter­ested in “host­ing” (min­is­ter­ing to oth­ers).

4. Each part­ner un­der­stands his or her role and plays it cheer­fully. The hus­band loves the wife, treats her like a queen and makes sure she’s com­fort­able, pro­tected and ful­filled. A man who treats his wife with dis­re­spect sab­o­tages his prayer life (1Peter 3:7). The wife on the other hand sub­mits to the lead­er­ship of the hus­band, treats him with re­spect and adores him as a hero. A woman who treats her hus­band with dis­re­spect is walk­ing con­trary to God and in re­bel­lion and sab­o­tages her des­tiny. We shall look at the roles of the hus­band and wife in greater de­tail.

5. Vi­sion, Un­der­stand­ing and Unity. Not nec­es­sar­ily unity of ideas but of pur­pose. Two can­not walk to­gether ex­cept they are in agree­ment (Amos 3:3). There’s no anoint­ing where there is dis­unity. A cou­ple that is al­ways quar­relling can­not achieve the kind of re­sults de­scribed by the Bi­ble. You must have a vi­sion of be­com­ing a suc­cess­ful and pros­per­ous fam­ily. Both part­ners must agree on that and work to­wards achiev­ing it. The peo­ple per­ish where there is no vi­sion.

6. Fruit­ful­ness. They are fruit­ful; spir­i­tu­ally and phys­i­cally. They are com­mit­ted to win­ning souls as a pri­or­ity. They un­der­stand that fruit­ful­ness is not just a mat­ter of bear­ing their own bi­o­log­i­cal chil­dren; it is about be­ing fruit­ful spir­i­tu­ally also. Ge­n­e­sis 1:28, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruit­ful, and mul­ti­ply, and re­plen­ish the earth…” They are blessed with anointed chil­dren raised in the ways of the Lord. God is at­tracted to and blesses a fam­ily where the fa­ther in­structs the chil­dren in the ways of the Lord. He said that con­cern­ing Abra­ham (Ge­n­e­sis 18: 17-19). What are you teach­ing your chil­dren? The way of the Word or the way of the world? The Shu­na­mite woman was vis­ited by God and her bar­ren­ness was taken away.

7. Spir­i­tual, fi­nan­cial and ma­te­rial bless­ings. Psalm 128:2 says he shall eat the labour of his hands. The man has a job that brings in in­come. It says wealth and riches shall be in his house.

8. The blessed fam­ily ex­pe­ri­ences the peace of God (2 Kings 4:18-37)

Time passed, and the child grew up. One day he suf­fered some­thing like a heat stroke and died. The woman laid him up­stairs on Elisha’s bed. She left for Mount Carmel and told her hus­band, “It will be well” (NASB). In He­brew, it is shalom, which means peace, quiet, tran­quil­lity, and con­tent­ment.

Good fam­i­lies may also some­times pass through storms, tri­als, and dif­fi­cul­ties with their fi­nances, chil­dren, jobs, and ill­nesses. The won­der­ful thing to know when you are go­ing through a trial is “It will be well!” When she reached Mount Carmel, she said, “It is well.”

It is well with your mar­riage! It is well with your chil­dren! It is well with your fi­nances! Ev­ery power of dark­ness fight­ing against your mat­ri­mo­nial life is hereby de­stroyed, in Je­sus name!!!

May the Lord heal ev­ery trou­bled re­la­tion­ship and wounded heart! May your union be fruit­ful, blessed and strong, in Je­sus name!

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