Church lead­ers back fight against il­le­gal mi­gra­tions, threaten sanc­tion on col­lud­ing pas­tors

The Guardian (Nigeria) - - NEWS - From Alemma-ozioruva Aliu, Benin City

SEV­ERAL church lead­ers from var­i­ous de­nom­i­na­tions have met in Benin City, Edo State to add their voices to the cam­paign against hu­man traf­fick­ing and il­le­gal mi­gra­tion, threat­en­ing sanc­tion against any pas­tor found to be aid­ing the prac­tice.

The event was or­gan­ised by the state chap­ter of the Chris­tian As­so­ci­a­tion of Nige­ria (CAN

In his re­marks, na­tional pres­i­dent, Pen­te­costal Fel­low­ship of Nige­ria (PFN, Rev Felix Omobude also ad­vised that the church should go back to the ba­sics of Chris­tian­ity founded on sal­va­tion and faith

"I have trav­elled to Italy and met with a lot of our peo­ple and tried to let them ex­press the true po­si­tion of things to the peo­ple at home

I have vis­ited one or two of the pris­ons in Italy and my heart broke at the num­ber of our chil­dren that are lan­guish­ing in jail.

"We must take our stance as a church that what is wrong is wrong whether poverty or not, we must not con­de­scend so low to give our­selves to this evil prac­tice and I will like to see church lead­ers stand strong on it. Some of us we went to farm, I tapped rub­ber to go to school, I sold news­pa­per in this town, we must high­light our val­ues.

"While we en­gage gov­ern­ment and other pub­lic in­sti­tu­tions to pro­vide for our peo­ple, we must be res­o­lute no situa- tion should make us al­low our chil­dren to mi­grate il­le­gally. I have met pas­tors who will say my daugh­ter in Brus­sels bought me a car and you don't re­ally know what many of them are do­ing you will say my daugh­ter in Glas­gow. It is time we face re­al­ity in this meet­ing, we must re­solve that any pas­tor or man of God, or prophet with a cross in the neck that sup­port or aid or abet il­le­gal mi­gra­tion, wher­ever he is, he is should be iden­ti­fied, should be sanc­tioned CAN should pub­licly dis­own such a pas­tor. Such pas­tors that bring dis­grace to us, will not leave to en­joy his booties, grace will run out of him. Let us go back to the ba­sics, we were raised up to be­lieve that sal­va­tion is by faith."

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