Our cover sub­ject this week is a name you ei­ther love or hate. In the world of so­cial me­dia, she reigns supreme and has had more than her fair share of ‘haters’ be­cause of the nu­mer­ous feath­ers a com­ment or two from her blog must have ruf­fled. But un­de­terred and am­bi­tious, she has sol­diered on to be­come a house­hold name. What is most in­spir­ing about this young lady though is that she started from lit­er­ally noth­ing to be­come what she is to­day. She did not have any sil­ver­spoon to feed with or some god­fa­ther to rely on. She sim­ply worked hard, still does, to at­tain her goal. Many women of to­day, es­pe­cially the beau­ti­ful young ones, rely solely on their looks to live the life they have not worked hard for. They be­lieve the world is there for their tak­ing and all they have to do is ask. I look with pity as they flit through life with a vast ar­ray of all the de­signer stuff money can buy. They g o on cease­less hol­i­days and live on so­cial me­dia. They do not worry about to­mor­row be­liev­ing it will take care of it­self. Some of such ladies are lucky enough to get mar­ried along the way to some­one who can keep them on such life­style. Oth­ers have wo­ken up along the way and em­pow­ered them­selves with busi­ness or proper jobs. But the sad ones are the ones who af­ter sev­eral decades, re­al­ity stares them in the face when they re­al­ize they have noth­ing to fall back on. There are many of such women around. So please take a leaf from this Linda Ikeji’s book and do some­thing tan­gi­ble with your time while you still have it on your side. And also, try and im­pact pos­i­tively on as many lives as you can as she has done. One of the great­est signs of suc­cess is if a prod­uct you cre­ated lives long af­ter you and this should be the goal of ev­ery­one out there who has a prod­uct to sell.

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