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style Be­fore pur­chas­ing your hair ex­ten­sions, con­sider the main­te­nance and up­keep of the hair type. if you want long and straight hair that you can have flow­ing down your back, be sure you have the time to style it. if not, and you know you won’t put forth the ef­fort to keep those locks in­tact, the curly ‘spray and go’ hair might fit your life­style bet­ter. also con­sider a tex­ture that will blend well with your

own tex­ture of hair. no glue Please avoid glue in weaves as much as pos­si­ble. they do not last as long and they dam­age your nat­u­ral hair. net it a good weav­ing net can be use­ful in re­liev­ing some ten­sion that can be caused by the pulling of the track on your hair. sew the cap to your hair and the weave onto the cap. Pro­tect don’t ne­glect your real hair once it’s wo­ven. Be sure to ap­ply nour­ish­ing oil to your hair at night be­fore wear­ing your silk scarf. this will en­sure the preser­va­tion of your frag­ile scalp and hair. ProD­uct over­loaD if you’re used to us­ing tons of prod­uct on your hair, stop it! very lit­tle prod­uct is needed on premium hair. a lit­tle hair serum from time to time and you are good to go . Per­son­al­ize some weaves needs to be cut to fit your face. Ra­zor cut­ting is one of the best and most pop­u­lar tech­niques for cut­ting ex­ten­sions. it gives you a more nat­u­ral, ta­pered ef­fect. go easy on the heat- try not to over-style your hair on a daily ba­sis. if you curl your hair, try to main­tain it for a few days by pin plait­ing or us­ing rollers to give you loose beach waves. tiMe oFF last but not the least; know when give your hair a rest. it is wise to give your scalp and hair a break from the ten­sion of be­ing un­der a weave. to

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