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As I read my friends bi­og­ra­phy, I was in­trigued by an in­ti­mate des­per­ate prayer he con­fessed to as he be­came a fa­ther of three boys, plead­ing that none of them would give him and his wife any­thing close to the trou­ble and heartache his re­bel­lious self gave to his par­ents. It was a prayer I knew all too well and an emo­tion I con­nected with im­me­di­ately as I too, upon be­com­ing a fa­ther and watch­ing my chil­dren grow into their teens and then young adults, could not help but re­play my so­journ in that age group and some of the things my friends and I did which would have stopped my par­ents hearts in their tracks had they known.

It was there­fore no sur­prise that an­other conversation with an old school chum of mine would trig­ger alarm bells, ring­ing at full blare, all through my head. Un­known to many, the years have crept silently upon us and we sud­denly have chil­dren that are of mar­i­tal age. As is oft the case mothers have a bond with their sons that runs very deep just as fa­thers seem to have with their daugh­ters, so when she told me she hasn’t been able to bring her­self to meet her son’s girl­friend and who­ever he will marry must know she is a part of that mar­riage, I im­me­di­ately knew this story wasn’t new nor will it be the last.

The Cre­ator of All Flesh in set­ting out how man was to fill the earth in­sti­tuted mar­riage as the sanc­tioned method­ol­ogy. In do­ing so, He cre­ated from man an equal but op­po­site help­mate that man named woman. In the sight­ing of this beauty of cre­ation, the man in ev­i­dent awe and ap­pre­ci­a­tion de­clared “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. But in­tu­itively know­ing that chil­dren must one day leave to start their fam­i­lies, to the heartache of their par­ents, he de­clared to the hear­ing of both he and his wife “There­fore a man shall leave his fa­ther and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall be­come one flesh”. Are we ready to let our chil­dren go? May the Lord be mer­ci­ful so our chil­dren do bet­ter than us.

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