How To Get An En­tre­pre­neur’s Mind­set


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T he mantra in Bassey and Com­pany, a pop­u­lar Nige­rian sit­com in the late 1980s was, “To be a mil­lion­aire, think like a mil­lion­aire!” Mind­set plays a ma­jor role in per­for­mance and Godswill Otobo knows that all too well not just from his mem­ory of the sit­com but also from his ef­fort as an en­tre­pre­neur. You need to get your­self into the right mind­set if you want to knuckle down and get on with achiev­ing your busi­ness goals. To get things done, you first need to be able to get into the right mind­set and en­cour­age those around you to do the same. 1. Start the Year Off Right At the start of a New Year or quar­ter, it’s an op­por­tu­nity for a fresh start if you need one. How­ever, it’s not the only time of year you can re­boot your­self or your mind­set, and it doesn’t have to mean new be­gin­nings, ei­ther. Start­ing the year on the right foot only needs to mean start­ing as you want to go on, which could be pick­ing up where you left off at the end of the year. If things were go­ing well be­fore, you can get back into what you were do­ing. If you feel like you need a change, start by think­ing about just how you want to change things. 2. Pick Apart Your Thoughts When you’re try­ing to get down to work, there can be a lot of back­ground noise in your head try­ing to dis­tract you. It could be any num­ber of things, from neg­a­tive thoughts try­ing to drag you down to other things in your life de­mand­ing your at­ten­tion when you should be work­ing. It can be ad­van­ta­geous to deal with these things so you’re able to put them aside and con­cen­trate on the things you re­ally want to do. An­a­lyze your thoughts and de­ter­mine where they come from and what you can do about them. Is there a prac­ti­cal so­lu­tion or do you need to rea­son with your­self? 3. Keep Up Pos­i­tive Think­ing It’s not al­ways easy to think pos­i­tively, but en­trepreneurs need to do so, while also be­ing re­al­is­tic. Neg­a­tive think­ing can de­stroy your ef­forts to get things done and make you feel like there’s no point in try­ing. Be­ing pos­i­tive makes a huge dif­fer­ence to your ca­pa­bil­i­ties. You need to start by be­liev­ing in your­self and what you can do. You don’t have to think that you’re a ge­nius who knows ev­ery­thing, but you should be­lieve that you can learn and de­velop, and be con­fi­dent about the things you do know. Fac­ing your fears and try­ing new things helps you to be­come a bet­ter en­tre­pre­neur and a bet­ter per­son. 4. Cre­ate Some Key Goals Set­ting goals is a vi­tal tac­tic that ev­ery en­tre­pre­neur should use. You won’t get much done if you don’t know what you want to do and what you need to do to get there. Cre­ate some goals for the year or quar­ter and you’re al­ready part of the way to be­ing in the right mind­set for a suc­cess­ful 2018. You should make sure that you choose your own goals so that you’re more likely to be pas­sion­ate and ded­i­cated to ful­fill­ing them. When you com­plete goals set for your­self, you can have pride in your achieve­ments and count it as part of your per­sonal devel­op­ment.

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