WAEC, Well Done


I saw the pic­ture and was very happy. The at­tes­ta­tion-some­thing has stopped an­other civil war. Only in Nige­ria would we have come so close to an­other civil war sim­ply be­cause one man did or did not do WAEC. You see, even with the pic­tures and the huge smiles on the faces of the APC stal­warts who made up the wel­com­ing del­e­ga­tion to the safe ar­rival of the at­tes­ta­tion-some­thing the con­tro­versy still lingers. The ques­tion that needs to be an­swered thor­oughly is very sim­ple: did Buhari re­ally sit this exam, at­tes­ta­tion or no at­tes­ta­tion? Me I know the an­swer very very well but will not say it. I will give the an­swer at a press brief­ing at the Seme bor­der when I de­cide to go on ex­ile or I will give it af­ter the elec­tions if Buhari loses or bet­ter still af­ter his sec­ond term. But rest as­sured that on this mat­ter we have not been fooled. What has just hap­pened is that we might have al­lowed peace to reign so that we can face a more se­ri­ous task of con­duct­ing an elec­tion. For me, the take­away is that, I now know that with N20,000 I can get an at­tes­ta­tion for my own cer­tifi­cate. I have been look­ing for the damn thing since flood en­ter my house for Sho­molu. Mbok what are the pro­ce­dure so that I start the process be­fore they come and say I did not do the exam o? I did the exam in Sho­molu and had a won­der­ful re­sult – C6 in Maths and P7 in English and that is why I am writ­ing this col­umn to­day and you are read­ing but some­where along the line the com­bined forces of cock­roaches, flood and my po­lit­i­cal en­e­mies have ren­dered the cer­tifi­cate ob­so­lete. So my dear Nige­ri­ans, I will be ap­ply­ing for an at­tes­ta­tion and while I am at it, will also ap­ply to NYSC and by the way mbok who reg­u­lates pri­mary six cer­tifi­cate? Let me know. Abeg, make I rest from this coun­try; per­son no do exam we dey see at­tes­ta­tion. Laugh want kill me for here. At­tes­ta­tion my ………


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