Oby Ezek­we­sili: Aunty, Cool Tem­per!


Mummy has gone on a ma­jor rant of­fen­sive since she de­clared her in­ten­tion to run for pres­i­dency. Ev­ery­body and any­body has been her tar­get. Na wa, this level of self-ab­sorp­tion is re­ally strange to me. Like ev­ery other Nige­rian, she re­serves the right to aspire to be any­thing and that is where it stops for me. This boat ride to seek rel­e­vance at the ex­pense of our san­ity is re­ally sad. I do not think we need this dis­trac­tion and par­don me if I say at this point that this rant­ing is begin­ning to look like the one that the late Chuba Okadigbo de­scribed as the a rant­ing of an ant. You see, I need at least twelve short commentaries to fill up this col­umn ev­ery Sun­day and this week apart from the NLC fi­asco it has re­ally been a quiet week so noth­ing to re­ally yab about and that is why you see me writ­ing about mummy with the low cut. Just to fill quota be­cause I re­ally would not be both­ered with all these rants what we have seen since she left gov­ern­ment. It has been a won­der­ful show of a high level of con­fu­sion not prop­erly un­der­stand­ing her true place in the sys­tem. To­day she is an ac­tivist fight­ing for women rights, to­mor­row she is fight­ing gov­ern­ment on eco­nomic is­sues and to­day she wants to be pres­i­dent and in all of these she is still main­tain­ing the low crew cut that has come to be her sig­na­ture look. Let me be very blunt af­ter all she does not have any Army with no rub­ber bul­lets or can­not even con­trol the DSS. The only thing in this fight is that she will yab me back so I no fear. Let me just say to mummy this morn­ing, it’s ok. Let us hear word. You are dis­tract­ing a crit­i­cal seg­ment of the elec­torate – the pro­fes­sional in­tel­lec­tual group­ing who al­though do not vote in­flu­ence pu­bic pol­icy, per­cep­tion and con­trib­ute funds to the process. Your hur­ried cry is caus­ing con­fu­sion in that de­mog­ra­phy, not al­low­ing us con­cen­trate on the real is­sue which is a bat­tle to choose a lesser evil. Haven’t you got an­other in­ter­na­tional ap­point­ment? If not come let me give you one in Sho­molu so that you can let us hear word. Thank you.


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