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Ma­hesh has been in Oman since 1985. Af­ter hav­ing worked with Bank Mus­cat and Mer­rill Lynch, he started Trin­ity In­vest­ments, ap­par­ently named be­cause of the three women in his life...his wife and two daugh­ters. You can con­tact him at ma­hesh.verma@apex­me­

Hello from Camp Bangalore...oh ok, Ben­galuru to keep the purists happy, though the air seemed purer and the city less con­gested in what was orig­i­nally Bangalore and the lo­cal res­i­dents or Kan­nadi­gas, as they are called, prob­a­bly did not need to de­bate the “can I dig a” pot­hole or not? Thank­fully the so-called guardians, who have over time changed the old or­der and made Madras to Chen­nai, Cal­cutta to Kolkata, Bangalore to Ben­galuru and Bom­bay to Mum­bai and it’s Vic­to­ria Ter­mi­nus to Chat­tra­p­ati Si­vaji Ter­mi­nus etc etc de­cided to let Lon­don and the Buck­ing­ham Palace go scot-free (or maybe In­difree?) oth­er­wise they could also have been re­named as Fi­rang­don and Bankimhum Ni­was!

The Bangalore so­journ for the wed­ding of an ex-Mus­cat friend’s daugh­ter turned out to be more like a re­union of old friends, some of whom had left Mus­cat more than 15 years ago but were still bound by the sprigs of the Par­adise that is Oman. We rem­i­nisced and we broke bread and we rem­i­nisced some more and in­tro­duced John­nie-Scot­land’s fa­mous walker, to Goa’s Paul John, and ba­si­cally that made ev­ery­one very happy and all had a great time. Thank you Arun & Bindu - won­der­ful to have caught up on the Mus­cat days, and one could still hear the milk of hu­man kind­ness slosh­ing in­side you guys, giv­ing a run for its money to the draught of vintage spilling around your guests!

And if one goes down me­mory lane, then in­vari­ably one trudges down to the good ole col­lege days, which twin­kles like

the prover­bial di­a­mond in the sky of one’s me­mory. And prob­a­bly the big­gest di­a­mond of those days was Neil whose “Song Sung Blue” helped many of us break the ice with the “Crack­lin’ Rosie” and woo “Sweet Caro­line”. To­tally a dif­fer­ent mat­ter al­to­gether that the Rosies and Caro­lines pre­ferred some­one who could sing re­motely like Neil, un­like yours faith­fully who could only croak and sound as if a frog was stuffed down the throat.

It is there­fore with the deep­est re­morse that one heard about Neil Di­a­mond be­ing


af­flicted with Parkin­son’s dis­ease, and hav­ing had to can­cel his con­certs and of­fi­cially de­clare that his singing days are over though he would still con­tinue writ­ing songs - hal­lelu­jah!

This man who sang “song sung blue weep­ing like a wil­low, song sung blue sleep­ing on my pil­low” will un­for­tu­nately sing no more and as you sang so mel­liflu­ously “me and you are sub­ject to the blues now and then, but when you take the blues and make a song, you sing them out again, sing them out again”.

This man with the vel­vet voice was in­ducted into the Song­writ­ers Hall of Fame in 1984 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 and will now re­ceive the Grammy Life­time Achieve­ment Award. We shall miss your con­certs Mr Di­a­mond!

And there down un­der, prob­a­bly as a trib­ute to Neil and his “Sweet Caro­line”,

Woz­ni­acki won her first Grand Slam as she beat Si­mona Halep in the just con­cluded 2018 Aus­tralian Open. Caro­line thus be­came the first Dane in male or fe­male sin­gles, to win a Grand Slam and the first Dan­ish player ever to win the Aus­tralian Open, in what is re­garded to be one of the great­est women’s Grand Slam fi­nals ever to be played. Well done or should one say “Well Dane?” To quote Di­a­mond:“Sweet Caro­line, good times never seemed so good!” May the years ahead give you the guts to cre­ate sim­i­lar rac­quet (or racket?) as you smash your way through the com­pe­ti­tion!

And then on the back hand, we have Roger Fed­erer, the man who won his sixth Aus­tralian Open ti­tle and his 20th Grand Slam - a “score” very dif­fi­cult to match or over­take, and jus­ti­fy­ing the ep­i­thet of The Goat - the great­est of all time! Well done or should that be Well Rogered?

And be­fore I sign off a few ran­dom thoughts:

▶Do you know that there are quite a few peo­ple out there who think they are God’s gift to mankind but are ac­tu­ally the devil in­car­nate? I don’t nec­es­sar­ily hate them but am not par­tic­u­larly fond of their ex­is­tence either.

▶Do you know if one gets de­barred from a bar, is one ac­tu­ally rais­ing the bar of such bars?

▶Do you know that the Mafia has moved from the un­der­world to un­der wa­ter where the Cod­fa­ther rules the roost? Till next fort­night... .

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