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Ira­nian ex­pa­tri­ate

Dur­ing the last two years that I lived in Oman, hav­ing trav­elled to dif­fer­ent parts of the Gulf, I could say that Omani women have more power in so­ci­ety, and as moth­ers and wives. They have pro­gressed along­side men, even in higher so­cial space, whether in arts, cul­ture, eco­nom­ics, sci­ence, and en­joy much re­spect on all rungs of so­ci­ety.

Re­beca Ni­gri­nis

Columbian ex­pa­tri­ate

I re­ally ad­mire how Omani women have emerged from a tra­di­tional so­ci­ety in the past years and how well they bal­ance their ca­reers and fam­ily re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. On one hand, be­ing busi­ness women and top pro­fes­sion­als, and on the other, giv­ing fam­ily and tra­di­tions their pri­or­ity. They rep­re­sent very well the Omani sense of hos­pi­tal­ity.

Zeba Ma­soud

Pak­istani ex­pa­tri­ate

The will to com­pete with not only their male col­leagues but also with the fast grow­ing world makes Omani women far apart from the rest. They are con­fi­dent and de­ter­mined to take on the world with sur­prise and prove their worth.

Joana Mol­let

Bri­tish-Por­tuguese ex­pa­tri­ate

Omani women are the si­lent movers be­hind the scenes. They are hard­work­ing and ded­i­cated. They are mod­ern and for­ward look­ing, but at the same time they are al­ways the pre­servers of tra­di­tion.

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