First im­pres­sion not al­ways right

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Very of­ten, peo­ple rely on their first im­pres­sions to eval­u­ate oth­ers. How­ever, it’s al­ways the right thing to do. Just as a book should not be judged by its cover, peo­ple too should not be eval­u­ated by nei­ther their ap­pear­ance nor first at­ti­tude. Have you ever felt you have been un­der­val­ued or mis­judged by your boss, col­league or rel­a­tive? Pos­si­bly it might be some­one whom you have met for the first time, but he doesn’t know much about you. Like­wise, this could hap­pen the other way around as you might un­der­es­ti­mate some­one for his/ her be­hav­iour or a de­ci­sion which you are not happy or don’t agree with.

Such feel­ings are ex­pe­ri­enced by most of us for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. Gen­er­ally, peo­ple have very dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter­is­tics: skills and abil­i­ties. Ev­ery­one is bestowed with dif­fer­ent phys­i­cal, men­tal and emo­tional fea­tures

Peo­ple are dif­fer­ent in what they are good at based on their ca­pa­bil­i­ties and com­pe­ten­cies in per­ceiv­ing and do­ing things. Each per­son has his/ her own dif­fer­ent way of do­ing things.

It’s true Oman has been de­vel­oped with great ef­forts of the govern­ment sup­ported by the peo­ple of Oman and with help from ex­pa­tri­ates work­ing here.

How­ever, the govern­ment’s con­stant and se­ri­ous de­vo­tion in the na­tion-build­ing process was be­hind the fast-grow­ing Re­nais­sance, which hap­pened in a record time. Thanks to His Majesty the Sul­tan Qa­boos who de­voted his time and ef­forts to build the na­tion and promised a bet­ter fu­ture for all Oma­nis since his early days of as­cen­sion to the throne.

None of us can deny the role of ex­pats liv­ing among us, who have con­trib­uted to the devel­op­ment of Oman, re­gard­less of their na­tion­al­i­ties.

As a mat­ter of fact, we needed their ex­per­tise as the coun­try was still young and not de­vel­oped when the Blessed Re­nais­sance kicked off.

In­volv­ing for­eign ex­per­tise was very sig­nif­i­cant at the early stages of the na­tion-build­ing jour­ney. There is noth­ing wrong in get­ting the help of oth­ers when paving the way for na­tional devel­op­ment.

To­day, we still have ex­pats work­ing in var­i­ous govern­ment and pri­vate or­gan­i­sa­tions, whose ef­forts are touch­ing every walk of life.

How­ever, ex­pa­tri­ates are com­ing here to make a liv­ing in re­turn. This un­doubt­edly comes as first pri­or­ity for them, more than serv­ing this na­tion. Like­wise, some started their own busi­nesses in this land of op­por­tu­ni­ties.

So the coun­try has be­come a home for many ex­pats. Un­for­tu­nately, some of these ex­pats, es­pe­cially those highly paid, un­der­value the com­pe­tency of Oma­nis. Per­haps be­cause they feel over-con­fi­dent or their bosses are not keep­ing an eye on them.

Re­gard­less of the job ti­tle of Oma­nis, they are all com­pe­tent and ca­pa­ble enough to han­dle all types of jobs. There­fore, they should not be stereo­typed based on the first im­pres­sion or eval­u­a­tion.

Many Oma­nis are in lead­ing po­si­tions in top busi­nesses in the pri­vate sec­tor. They are even su­per­vis­ing their ex­pat col­leagues from European coun­tries.

They are hold­ing such jobs not be­cause they are Oma­nis, but be­cause they are well-qual­i­fied. Oma­nis are never ever to be stereo­typed; ev­i­dences are ob­vi­ously many in the mar­ket.

First im­pres­sion is not al­ways right, nei­ther for Oma­nis nor ex­pats. So, mu­tual faith and trust be­tween part­ners is im­por­tant. Peo­ple share ex­per­tise, re­spect and cul­tures with each other so they can live in har­mony wher­ever they are.

As a hu­man be­ing, it’s not who you are, but what you do and what you give.

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