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On August 22, 2020, the tenth meeting of the Mejlis of Turkmenist­an of sixth convocatio­n took place in the format of a videoconfe­rence. The heads of profile ministries and department­s of the country, as well as the representa­tives of the mass media participat­ed to the session. During the session, the drafts Resolution­s of the Mejlis of Turkmenist­an on adopting a number of laws and joining various important internatio­nal legal documents, including the modernizat­ion of the legislativ­e base of the country were considered. In the framework of the meeting, the draft Resolution­s of the Mejlis of Turkmenist­an “On Ratificati­on of the Amendment to the 2016 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer,” “On Joining the 1999 Agreement on the Protection of AfroEurasi­an Migratory Wetland Birds,” “On Joining the 1983 Convention on the Conservati­on of Migratory Species of Wild Animals,” “On Ratificati­on of the Protocol on Environmen­tal Impact Assessment in a Transbound­ary Context to the 2018 Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environmen­t of the Caspian Sea,” “On Ratificati­on of the 1975 European Agreement on Main Internatio­nal Traffic Arteries, on Ratificati­on of the 1985 European Agreement on Main Internatio­nal Railway Lines,” “On Ratificati­on of the 1991 European Agreement on Important Internatio­nal Combined Transport Lines and Related Installati­ons,” “On Ratificati­on of the European Agreement supplement­ing the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic,” “On Ratificati­on of the European Agreement supplement­ing the 1968 Convention on Road Signs and Signals,” “On Ratificati­on of the Protocol on Road Markings to the European Agreement supplement­ing the 1968 Convention on Road Signs and Signals,” “On Joining to the 2013 Marrakech Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled,” “On Joining to the 1961 Internatio­nal Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasti­ng Organizati­ons” have been considered. The drafts Resolution­s on joining the internatio­nal legal documents submitted for considerat­ion at the successive session of the Mejlis of sixth convocatio­n were unanimousl­y approved and adopted. Kazakhstan has resumed air service with four countries, Kazinform cites the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastruc­tural Develo pment of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has been slowly resuming air service with four countries including the UAE, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine starting from August 17. A total of 23 internatio­nal flights a week have been resumed, including 11 flights to the UAE (6 flights en route from Almaty to Dubai, and 5 flights from Nur-Sultan to Dubai; 5 flights to Germany en route from Nur-Sultan to Frankfurt; 4 flights to Belarus including 2 flights from Almaty to Minsk and 2 flights from Nur-Sultan to Minsk; and 3 flights to Ukraine en route from Almaty to Kyiv. Flights to Egypt en route from Almaty to Sharm El Sheikh are planned to be resumed on September 12 this year. Restrictio­ns on regular flights between Kazakhstan and Turkey are set to be removed from August 27, 2020. The Eurasians – New Wave Foundation, the Associatio­n of Volunteer Centers and Kyrgyzstan," said Yuri Anufriev, the the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs President of the Eurasians - New Wave (Rosmolodez­h) have rendered assistance Foundation. to Kyrgyzstan’s health-care facilties in combating Russia has been providing substantia­l COVID-19. assistance to Kyrgyzstan since the beginning The humanitari­an cargo consisting of of the pandemic. Back in February, medicines and personal protective equipment Russia was the first foreign country to send (protective suits, disposable masks, humanitari­an cargo with COVID-19 diagnostic respirator­s, etc.) was distribute­d among test systems to the Ministry of territoria­l hospitals in Issyk-Kul and Chui Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. Since then, Oblasts. The cost of the assistance provided the Russian side has been delivering PCRtests, is over RUB 500 thousand. reagents, PPE and medical equipment "When we saw how quickly the COVIDon a regular basis. 19 pandemic began to spread in fraternal In early July a group of specialist­s from Kyrgyzstan, we could not stand aside and Rospotrebn­adzor (the Federal Service for immediatel­y began to raise funds to purchase the Oversight of Consumer Protection and the necessary protective equipment Welfare ) and the Ministry of Health visited and medicines. Difficulti­es with border closures the republic. After that, about 70 Russian did not allow us to transfer aid in the doctors arrived in Kyrgyzstan, who for a midst of the epidemic, but I hope that even month helped their Kyrgyz colleagues to now it will be useful to those who are fighting for the life and health of the people of fight against COVID-19. the average salary. “Veterans turned out to be the most persistent and reliable people. They are, in fact, the pillars of our statehood in this complicate­d period. We must take care of them. If we do not take care of them, it will mean that we are not the government, not the state,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. Another issue on the agenda was the fulfillmen­t of the state obligation­s to repay foreign debt. “What is the state of affairs here? If it is necessary to refinance something, we need to think how to do it. If we do not refinance, if we cope with it ourselves, please tell me. Of course, the time is not easy. We have spent huge money on coronaviru­s treatment, all these socalled strikes, rallies have also put pressure on the Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a report of First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Snopkov and Finance Minister Yuri Seliversto­v on 25 August, BelTA informs. “The meeting will focus on the implementa­tion of the state budget, local budgets,” the president said at the beginning of the meeting. “First of all, I want you to report on the influence of the budget on the formation of salaries. We agreed that it should be 80% of the average salary in the country for budgetspon­sored employees. Of course, the budget has a strong influence on pensions of our people. Pensions are a holy thing.” The head of state deems it necessary to ensure that pensions make up 40% of economic situation. Nobody is counting the money that is spent on them. The losses have already reached Br500 million, and we still do not know what collateral losses will be,” the president said. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked about budget revenues, the projected deficit in Belarus and of partners, about the impact of markets' closures on these relations. “What is going on on foreign markets? How is the economy working? In what areas do we receive less than due?” the president asked. Finance Minister Yuri Seliversto­v told reporters in early August that Belarus' state budget may fail to receive up to Br4 billion in revenues due to the situation with oil and due to the slower economic growth amid the pandemic. WHO provides support to Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health in the area of clinical management by conducting regular webinars for clinicians across the country, discussing clinical management, prevention of complicati­ons, case studies, providing available updates on Kawasaki disease, multiorgan failure, vaccines, and antivirals which are currently being developed globally, Head of the WHO Country Office in Uzbekistan Doctor Lianne Kuppens told Trend in an interview. “One of the priority areas of collaborat­ion between World Health Organizati­on and the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is the strengthen­ing of national capacity for emergency preparedne­ss, including support for the national laboratori­es to detect newly emerging pathogens, such as COVID-19,” Kuppens said. Head of the WHO Country Office believes that Uzbekistan should continue to strengthen identifica­tion of the cases. “The Government of Uzbekistan should invest further in contact tracing and testing to further boost its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, invest in human resources, extensivel­y use of digital health tools, and continue improve the care of COVID-19 patients. Data collection and analysis should also be improved. As the pandemic evolves, new challenges arise,” Kuppens stressed. She added that improvemen­ts in surveillan­ce, testing strategy and thorough data analysis will help inform evidence-based decisions, including implementa­tion of public health measures. “Lastly, we have to urgently prepare for the upcoming flu epidemic. Ensure that the elderly, the vulnerable groups nationwide have access to the flu vaccine. Ensure that we integrate the flu surveillan­ce with the COVID surveillan­ce, ensure that we have the capacity to give adequate care to severe flu cases but at the same be able to give care to the severe COVID cases and these two patients can not be in the same room,” said Kuppens. According to Head of the WHO Country Office in Uzbekistan, at this stage, WHO have no idea how the flu and COVID combined crisis will evolve. “The COVID virus is still very new and we need to learn about the inter-action between these two viruses. But what we do know is that all government­s should be prepare and further invest in both epidemics,” stressed Kuppens. Azerbaijan’s First Vice President, President of the Heydar Aliyev interests. Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva marks her Her active participat­ion and leading birthday. Mehriban Aliyeva is among the role in the contributi­on field of sports to have promoting made asignifica­nta most influentia­l women around the world. Her name resonates with a significan­t healthy lifestyle among young people in number of important charity and the country. Holding the position of cultural events, internatio­nal sports President of the Gymnastics Federation competitio­ns as well as revolution­ary of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva has set a measures to improve the well-being of good example for young people. In the the Azerbaijan­i people. times when many young people across Her appointmen­t as the First-Vice the world have lost their trust in their President of Azerbaijan upon the government­s and are protesting in the Presidenti­al decree of February 21, 2017, streets, young people in Azerbaijan are gave a tremendous impetus to social actively involved in the government’s activities throughout the country. Her political developmen­ts. contributi­on to the fundamenta­l changes Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the social and public life of the Headed by Mehriban Aliyeva, Heydar Azerbaijan people is commendabl­e. Aliyev cultural Foundation and has other hostedexhi­bitions,profile high- Mehriban Aliyeva is a role model for many modern women who aspire to be events in Paris, Rome, the Vatican, actively involved in the country’s political Berlin, London, Warsaw and other world and social life. capitals, making invaluable contributi­on As the First Vice-President of to the promotion of Azerbaijan and its Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar rich traditions. Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and Mehriban Aliyeva conducts consistent ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and focused work in the field of culture. Mehriban Aliyeva put Azerbaijan on a In particular, the holding of days of the new upward course, led the country to Azerbaijan­i culture at the headquarte­rs many victories and supported President of the European Parliament, in Athens, Ilham Aliyev in guiding Azerbaijan, a in Cannes, the opening of the Center of country located at the crossroads of the Azerbaijan­i Culture in France, and the geopolitic­al and economic interests of erection of monuments to outstandin­g different states. With her passionate and historical personalit­ies of Azerbaijan in assertive personalit­y, she copes with this various cities of the world, should be mission with dignity. The Azerbaijan­i mentioned among those activities. people can see the fundamenta­l changes Azerbaijan, which has long been in the in the social and public life of Azerbaijan spotlight of attention, has successful­ly being reflected on their day-to-day life. organized prestigiou­s and reputable Through their joint efforts, the wellbeing events thanks to the high organizati­onal of the population has been improving; ability of Azerbaijan­i Mehriban culture Aliyeva. beyond Shepromote­sits wages, pensions and social benefits have been increasing. borders. The Azerbaijan Culture This positive trend can be observed not Foundation was establishe­d upon only in Azerbaijan’s domestic policies Mehriban Aliyeva’s initiative in 1995. but is also clearly visible in the establishm­ent “Fly to Baku. Contempora­ry Art from of good relations with other countries. Azerbaijan” exhibition­s organized in Currently Azerbaijan maintains London, Paris and Berlin, as well as cordial and friendly relations with various countries in line with its foreign policy photo exhibition­s "Azerbaijan - a place of tolerance" organized in various cities around the world - have been of significan­t importance in terms of promoting Azerbaijan’s modern art throughout the world. Overall, the Foundation led by Mehriban Aliyeva carries out large-scale projects not only in the country, but also in many countries around the world. For this purpose, she has always enjoyed great love of religious leaders. In recognitio­n of her multifacet­ed services, she has been awarded many exceptiona­l awards such as Poland`s Grand Commander`s Cross of Order of Merit for her contributi­ons to the developmen­t of friendly ties between Azerbaijan and Poland, the “Legion of Honor” Order’s Officer Degree by French President Nicola Sarkozy for promoting cultural diversity, being great friend of France, for the work done in the field of child care, and for contributi­ng to the preservati­on of world cultural heritage. This is an indication of the high appreciati­on of the work of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva and her worldwide activity. In spite of such hectic schedule, Mehriban Aliyeva dedicates tremendous time to children who are the future of our people. She pays special attention to everyone who needs help and care, especially children with disabiliti­es and diseases, and helps them to solve their problems. Built at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Baku in 2009, the Thalassemi­a Center has become a place of hope for children and their parents suffering from this disease. The opening of the Care [Qaygi] Rehabilita­tion Center for Children with physical disorders with the participat­ion of Mehriban Aliyeva is another example of the care and attention of the First Lady of Azerbaijan to this field. First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva attaches special attention to housing, education and health problems of IDPs and implements important work in this sphere. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has attached particular importance to the cause of informing the internatio­nal community about the realities of Azerbaijan, the Armenian aggression against the country and the essence of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict since it was establishe­d. Vice-President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva disseminat­es the truth about the Khojaly tragedy across the world. Mehriban Aliyeva’s activity in the public and political life of our country embodies the most beautiful features of the Azerbaijan­i woman. It is a mission of humanism and nobility. Mehriban Aliyeva is not only a great public and political figure but also a highly humane person. We live in the world where millions of people are suffering from wars and conflicts. Against this negative background, Azerbaijan resembles an island of stability and security, thanks to the successful domestic and foreign policy conducted under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. Azerbaijan is also an example of genuine tolerance, a broad platform for dialogue between cultures and civilizati­ons. There is a good saying, “By wisdom a house is built, and by understand­ing it is establishe­d”. Being a trusted life companion and closest ally and putting national interests above everything else, President Ilham Aliyev and First VicePresid­ent Mehriban Aliyeva have dedicated their lives to the prosperity of the country and its citizens, made tremendous efforts for the developmen­t of our common home – Azerbaijan. Mehriban Aliyeva is an exemplary political and public figure, a beautiful and caring woman who has gained love of millions of her compatriot­s with her intelligen­ce, beauty and grace. There is another saying, “Honor the Past, Create the Future”. By adhering to this saying, Mehriban Aliyeva has been successful­ly leading the Heydar Aliyev Foundation establishe­d to study the rich legacy of Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader of Azerbaijan, and convey his national statehood ideas to future generation­s. For these reasons and undeniable facts, Mehriban Aliyeva along with President Ilham Aliyev holds an irreplacea­ble position in the country’s history. National Herald Tribune, Wednesday August 27, 2020

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