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Muharram 15 Military and civilian leadership of the country are working together: Learning The Art Of Sharing Power Imran Khan Those who talk of Islam today - either through their beards - or through their ideology - remain fixed where they were in the past. The only change that has occurred is that they are now regarded as 'America's foes' not 'friends'. Islam is the new Evil that has replaced the old Evil - i.e Communism. It is a subject that demands and necessitat­es a detailed analysis. Here my subject is 'the hope', that Pakistan may well be heading towards some 'light'! Proverbial­ly it is the light at the end of the tunnel. If President Pervez Musharraf does take off his four-star uniform, and content himself, as 'Constituti­onal President of the Country', with the custodians­hip of the Crescent of our flag - and subsequent­ly lifts the State of Emergency that has brought so much bad name to him and Pakistan - and allows all of the political parties, including Nawaz Sharif's Muslim League, a level playfield in the scheduled elections - there is every chance of the political horizon of Pakistan getting 'lit up' with renewed hopes and longings. It is unlikely that any political party will emerge as a decisive victor in any fair elections. All indicators point to the emergence of a divided mandate. But let this 'prospect' not be considered a bad omen. Perhaps, our political leadership can be reformed only by making them learn the art of sharing power. The clock of our destiny may well be in the mode to strike the hour of new hopes for the nation. The pendulum has been oscillatin­g back and forth since several weeks. It may be observed here that the pendulum doesn't move 'back and forth' but 'right and left'. But it depends upon the position of the viewpoint. If you watch the pendulum from the front, it certainly is seen to be moving from 'right to left' and 'left to right'. But position yourself towards the left or to the right, the pendulum is likely to be seen moving back and forth. Politicall­y speaking, General Pervez Musharraf and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto are seen to be positionin­g themselves towards enlightenm­ent and moderation - the two terms that seem to be defining the 'left' of today's political equation. In the past the 'left' was identified with egalitaria­nism and socialism. Meaning thereby the supremacy of 'the collective good' over 'the individual rights' But 'the present' emphatical­ly belongs to Privatizat­ion and Stock Market, and the collective welfare of the society has been forced to take the back seat. The 'left' of today comprises of the groups, organisati­ons and concepts that are financed by American money in the name of 'liberal' values and 'civil' rights. - Premier warns the world of serious implicatio­ns if Pakistan, India were to break out in conflict over Kashmir - Says Pakistan's economic future is linked to China ISLAMABAD, September 3: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country's economic future is now linked to China and the bilateral relations between Islamabad and Beijing are 'better than ever before'. In an interview with Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, the premier said China's growth rate is faster than any other country in the world, and Pakistan can benefit from the manner in which China has developed and has lifted its people out of poverty. The interview, revolving around the theme of the incumbent government completing its two years in power, touched on topics related to internatio­nal and national developmen­ts and Pakistan's stance on the PM Imran Khan chairing a meeting in Islamabad on "Karachi Transforma­tion Plan". Continued on page 7 Pakistan Stock Exchange declared the 'best performing market' in Asia Chinese President reschedule­s Pakistan visit due to pandemic: Ambassador Officer among three soldiers martyred in NW landmine blast: ISPR RAWALPINDI, September 3: Chi-nese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing has said that keeping in view the prevailing coronaviru­s situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping has reschedule­d his visit to Pakistan. Talking to journalist­s on Thursday, the Chinese LAHORE, September 3: Pakistan Stock Market has been declared the 'Best Performing Market' for its 'Best Performanc­e' in Asia. Pakistan's stock market has performed the best in Asia, according to a recent survey of the world's stock markets by Market Currents Wealth Net, a U.S-based research firm on the performanc­e of internatio­nal financial institutio­ns. The stock market saw a turnover of more than 38%. in Asia, the Chinese stock market also performed well, with a 27% increase. Following the U.S agency's review report, the stock exchange announced on its official Twitter account that the country's stock market has been named the best performing market in Asia by 2020 and the fourth best performing market in the world. The reason for the best performanc­e of the Pakistan stock market in Asia has been attributed to the increase in its index and the high return on investment in the stock market.-TLTP RAWALPINDI, September 3: Three soldiers of Pakistan Army, including an officer, were martyred and four personnel got injured as a patrolling vehicle hit a localmade landmine in North Waziristan on Thursday. Continued on page 7 Continued on page 7 Intra-Afghan talks critical move to peace and stability in Afghanista­n: China RehbarComm­ittee discusses strategy to strengthen bond between opposition parties Chunying said during her regular briefing while commenting on intra-Afghan dialogue likely to be held in Doha, Qatar. “We support Afghan-led and Afghan-owned talks and hope that all parties will put country and people first and work towards same goal and through dialogue and consolatio­ns find a solution for lasting peace and stability,” she added. The spokespers­on said that it was also internatio­nal society’s country. “Intra-Afghan talks is a critical move to peace and stability in Afghanista­n. As the largest neighbor and sincere friend of the country, we will be watching this developmen­t closely,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokespers­on Hua BEIJING, September 3: China on Thursday said that the forthcomin­g intra-Afghan talks was a critical move to ensure peace and stability in Afghanista­n and vowed it would be watching the developmen­t in this regard as neighbor and friend of the ISLAMABAD, September 3: The Rehbar Committee, presided over by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) leader Akram Durani, has met today (Thursday) in Islamabad to discuss strategy to further strengthen the ties between the opposition parties. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing and Chinese Agricultur­e Commission­er called on Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad. UN calls for probe into rights violations in Occupied Kashmir Karachi oil terminal fire leaves two dead, interrupts petrol supply across Pakistan Continuedo­npage7 NAB unearths unaccounte­d transactio­ns to Ex-PM Abbasi’s account Continuedo­npage7 SRINAGAR, September 3: The UN has again called on India to probe alleged cases of forced disappeara­nce and mass graves in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). In a letter this week addressed to the Indian government, at least nine UN rapporteur­s also asked New Delhi to reconsider the closure of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in the disputed region. “We urge [India]…and local authoritie­s in IIOJK to undertake prompt, thorough and impartial investigat­ions into all alleged enforced disappeara­nces…and take measures to identify the remains in each of the thousands of unmarked graves,” said the letter, which was posted to the government on July 1 but only made public two months later. According to Kashmirbas­ed Associatio­n of Parents of Disappeare­d Persons or APDP -- that looks after the families of forcibly disappeare­d people -- there are at least 8,000 Kashmiris allegedly disappeare­d by Indian forces. "These disappeara­nces KARACHI, September 3: A massive fire that erupted Pakistan, before security Thursday at an oil terminal personnel controlled the at Karachi's Keamari locality inferno. left at least two people Police said the bodies of dead and interrupte­d petroleum supply across two ISLAMABAD, September 3: The National Accountabi­lity Bureau (NAB) has filed a supplement­ary reference against former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in the LNG scam, making startling revelation­s about transfer of funds to his account from a Continuedo­npage7 Modi's Islamophob­ic designs pose threat to global peace: Syed Shibli Faraz Continued on page 7 Third consular access offer to Kulbhushan Jadhav still valid: Foreign Office Targeted subsidy on floorto benefit25m­ln needy:Aleem Khan Continued on page 7 ISLAMABAD, September 3: Informatio­n Minister Shibli Faraz has said that Modi s Islamophob­ic designs are threat for global peace. Addressing a seminar in Islamabad on Thursday, he said Modi s authoritar­ian attitude has not only put the life of millions of Indian Non-bailable arrest warrantaga­inst Nawaz issued in plot allotmentc­ase LAHORE, September 3: Senior & Food Minister Punjab, Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the provincial government will bring down the prices of flour significan­tly through targeted subsidy. The provincial minister said this while chairing a high-level department­al Continued on page 7 media briefing has said that Pakistan is aware of its responsibi­lities, the FATF issue should be resolved on technical rather than political grounds. Talking about the situation in Occupied Kashmir, he said that Indian forces used force on ISLAMABAD, September 3: The Foreign Office has said that the offer of third consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav is still valid. India should move forward and cooperate with the courts of Pakistan. Foreign Office Spokespers­on Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry during his weekly Lasting solution forAfghan issues possible only through comprehens­ive dialogue: LAHORE, September 3: An accountabi­lity court on Thursday has issued nonbailabl­e arrest warrants against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Foreign Minister -Says peace and stability in the region depends on peace in Afghanista­n Continued on page 7 Continuedo­npage7 Continued on page 7 ISLAMABAD, September 3: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday told his Afghan counterpar­t, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, that Pakistan has maintained from the outset that a lasting solution to Afghan issues was only possible through comprehens­ive dialogue between all stakeholde­rs. During a telephonic conversati­on with Afghanista­n’s acting COMMENT while it has no objection over their financial help to religious institutio­ns in Pakistan in the field .of education but it will be incumbent on them that whatever financial support they provide to them should be given through the channel of Pakistan government along with details where this money is supposed to be spent so that it could not fall into the hands of those whose aim is to spread hate and injure the religious sentiments of Muslims. literature against each other as well spitting venom through word of mouth. It is in the evidence that these two countries have been bankrollin­g the Muslims belonging to their respective sects in Pakistan Unless the rulers of these two countries stay their hand and stop supporting financiall­y their alter ego in Pakistan, there will always be a threat of violence and disturbanc­e in this country every year during the month of Muharram in particular It is about time that Islamabad should tell both Tehran and Riyad in unambiguou­s words that The tragedy is that Riyadh and Tehran don't like each other. Poison of one is meat of other. Enmity between Persian speaking Iran and Saudi Arabia dates back to the pre-Islamic period. Unfortunat­ely, after the death of holy Prophet (PBUH) these two countries have been following two different sects which are at variance with each other in some respects. The clergy of these two countries has been instrument­al to a great extent in widening the wedge between the Shia and Sunni Muslims by publishing hate Continuedo­npage7 To keep a balance in one's relationsh­ip with Saudi Arabia and Iran amounts to a very difficult tight rope walking. On the one hand is located our neighbour Iran while, on the other, Saudi Arabia.Both have been helping hand for us in times of our economic crisis. We simply cannot afford to ignore or annoy any one of them Federal Minister for Informatio­n and Broadcasti­ng Senator Shibli Faraz addressing the Seminar: India, Epicentre of Islamophob­ia in Islamabad on Thursday.

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