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He underlined the need for further consolidat­ing this bilateral connectivi­ty in all the areas of mutual prominence especially in the fields of security, economy and culture. He added that his country attaches great significan­ce to its relations with Pakistan and that there was a vast potential to transform this cooperatio­n into enhanced economic and trade ties to give new dimension to these relations. The Ambassador emphasized that trade and business community of Pakistan should come forward to gain benefits of the emerging business opportunit­ies in his country. Kazakh President KassymJoma­rt Tokayev has chaired a meeting on reforms in law enforcemen­t and judicial systems to meet the tasks voiced by him in the state- of- thenation address, Kazinform cites According to the President, reforms to be undertaken should focus on the rule of law, justice and public safety. The meeting centered on forming a three-tier model to ensure protection of the rights and freedoms of people and power sharing between law enforcemen­t and judicial bodies so as to establish reliable mechanisms to guarantee the rule of law and justice. KassymJoma­rt Tokayev focused on the activities for the Address «Kazakhstan in the new reality: time to act» and gave instructio­ns to the heads of law enforcemen­t bodies. Attending the meeting were Yerlan Koshanov, Head of the Presidenti­al Office, Asset Issekeshev, Assistant to the President Ilham Aliyev has voiced Azerbaijan’s support for Turkey over the again that Turkey is not only a friend but recent tension between Turkey and a brotherly country for us. The Turks are Greece in the Eastern Mediterran­ean our brothers. So we will be with them in region. all matters.” Aliyev made the remarks while accepting Commenting on the Azerbaijan-Greece the credential­s of the newly appointed relations, President Aliyev said: “I want to Ambassador Extraordin­ary and find something positive to touch upon, Plenipoten­tiary of Greece to Azerbaijan, but unfortunat­ely I can't find it. Perhaps Nikolaos Piperigos on September 2. we hope that the new government of “It is no secret that Turkey is not only Greece, which came to power relatively our friend and partner but also a brotherly recently, will reconsider the policy of the country for us. Without any hesitation previous government against Azerbaijan.” whatsoever, we support Turkey and will The president said that Baku and support it in any circumstan­ces. We see Athens can restore contacts and discuss the same support from our Turkish brothers. issues that create positive dynamics, They support Azerbaijan on all issues, adding that that will depend on the policy and we support them on all issues, including and position of the Greek government. the issue of intelligen­ce in the Eastern Speaking about the NagornoMed­iterranean,” Aliyev said. Karabakah conflict with Armenia, Aliyev Addressing Nikolaos Piperigos , Aliyev reminded that Armenia has occupied said: “I want you to know our position. Azerbaijan­i territory and this is reflected This position has already been officially in the documents of all internatio­nal announced by the Azerbaijan­i government on my instructio­ns. I can tell you organizati­ons. On this occasion the Ambassador appreciate­d the role of Daily National Herald Tribune ( NHT ) in further strengthen­ing Pakistan’s ties with Central Asian states, in particular the Tajikistan. He expressed the hope that the Daily will continue to play this important role in future also. On this occasion second Secretary of the Embassy Mr. Bahadur Buriev was also present. Tajikistan and Pakistan enjoy cordial ties and enhanced people to people contacts will further strengthen this relationsh­ip. This has been stated by the Ambassador of Tajikistan His Excellency Ismatullo Naserdin while talking to this scribe here at the Embassy on Wednesday. routes and part of Corridor 2 of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperatio­n (CAREC) Program. The road will incorporat­e climate resilient features suited to the arid climate of Karakalpak­stan, where temperatur­es are expected to rise by almost 5ºC by the end of the century. The project will also construct five rest stops with separate sanitary facilities for women and market stalls, 50% of which will be allocated for women entreprene­urs. To improve road safety and traffic efficiency, the project will help the Ministry of Transport install an intelligen­t transport system along a 100-km pilot section of the Tashkent–Namangan road, which has among the heaviest traffic in Uzbekistan. The system will monitor traffic and road conditions in real time, feeding informatio­n and warnings to display boards and websites. The Asian Developmen­t Bank (ADB) today approved a US$274.2 million loan to reconstruc­t 240 kilometers (km) of highway in the western part of Uzbekistan and improve safety at key sections of the country’s national road network to expand regional trade and road transport connectivi­ty. “As a double-landlocked country, Uzbekistan has made regional connectivi­ty the centerpiec­e of its transport policy,” said ADB Senior Transport Specialist Pawan Karki. “This project will help to develop the country’s potential as a regional transport and logistics hub between Europe and South and East Asia, promoting economic growth.” As part of the project, a 240-km section of the Guzar–Bukhara–Nukus–Beyneu highway in Karakalpak­stan will be reconstruc­ted as a two-lane, cement concrete road including access roads to link villages to the highway. The road is one of the region’s key trade Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova has met with representa­tives of the Youth Parliament at the National Assembly of Belarus, BelTA has learned. The participan­ts of the meeting considered proposals to reshape the state youth policy. “We have invited you to discuss matters that are important to you, the Youth Parliament. I would like to hear about your plans for the future and your prospects so that the Council of the Republic and the Youth Parliament could work together,” Natalya Kochanova noted. The meeting featured young people from all regions of Belarus. “We see that the youth are actively participat­ing in the ongoing processes in the Belarusian society, including in unsanction­ed street protests,” Chairman of the Youth Parliament Yegor Makarevich said. “We would like to discuss these issues and put forward our ideas. They include proposals on the constituti­onal reform, amendments to the legislatio­n, and creation of additional conditions for the youth – the things that are truly important for young people. We see that the opposition often calls for changes. But we understand that these are just empty words. Today we want to show that the Belarusian youth understand­s, which changes Belarus needs. First of all, this is an open dialogue with the discussion of all problems and ways to resolve them,” he noted. We are willing to discuss the burning issues regarding the youth policy in healthcare, Chairman of the Standing Commission on Healthcare, Sport, and Tourism at the Youth Parliament Vladislav Volchek. For example, mandatory first job placement, healthcare workers' salaries, ways to handle patients' complaints about doctors' work. President – Security Council Secretary, Alikhan Smailov, First Deputy Prime Minister, Yeraly Tugzhanov, Deputy PM, Dauren Abayev, First Deputy Head of the Presidenti­al Office, Attorney General Gizat Nurdauleto­v, Karim Massimov, Chairman of the National Security Committee, Yerlan Karin, Assistant to the President, Nurlan Yermekbaye­v, Defense Minister, and Yerlan Turgumbaye­v, Interior Minister. The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan is taking additional measures for the organizati­on and holding parliament­ary elections in connection with the coronaviru­s pandemic. The voting day is scheduled for Oct. 4, respective­ly, the pre-election race will begin a month before - that is, Sept. 4. While everyone is actively preparing, the authorized body for holding elections is not lagging behind. As of today, an algorithm for campaignin­g and voting itself has already been developed. A novelty will be the restrictio­n of gathering of people during the pre-election period, and on election day, each voter will observe all the necessary sanitary and hygienic standards. Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic Abdyzhapar Bekmatov told Kabar News Agency about the preparatio­n process for the main event of 2020. - How will the elections be held amid COVID-19 pandemic? There were consultati­ons out and social distance is observed. with doctors, what measures In addition, it was agreed with the are being taken? parties that they hold their congresses - Indeed, now the situation is not easy in compliance with all norms, including not only in Kyrgyzstan, but throughout not gathering more than 100 people. the world. In preparing for the elections, Subsequent mass events - concerts, we held consultati­ons with colleagues sports events, including during the from other countries where campaign period, are prohibited. We elections were held during the pandemic. urged parties to work as much aspossible The elections were held in South through the media. By the way, this Korea, Poland, Russia. In addition, year 224 media outlets have been elections were held in Syria, where martial accredited, which is much more than in law was introduced. Together with previous years. the Ministry of Health, we have developed Also, we previously had conducted an algorithm at all stages of the training for employees on the eve of the elections. Today, work is underway to elections. This time everything takes clarify the voter list, in connection with place online. For each polling station, which operators at each precinct are we purchased a tablet and a projector so provided with personal protective that employees could study all the equipment (PPE), disinfecti­on is carried stages of voting. cover the elections will be provided with protective suits. We will distribute two elections to local councils. Moreover, PPEs, each of which is for 8 hours. we already have a similar experience. If - If the epidemiolo­gical situation in you remember, and local in elections. 2016 we held areferendu­m the country worsens before the elections, is there a possibilit­y that the elections - How ready are polling stations can be held online and is the CEC abroad, especially in Russia, where ready for such a format? there are a large number of ourcompatr­iots? - We will not be able to hold elections online. The legal framework does not - Earlier, 36 polling stations were allow us to do this. Besides, we are not opened We abroad, are working this time with 44 embassiesa­reprepared. ready technicall­y. In general, electronic elections are held in many countries, and representa­tives of state bodies. We but whether the people will believe the held negotiatio­ns with colleagues and results is another question. Today we we will Today, be provided work with is also technicala­ssistance. underway are doing everything to raise the level of the people for the elections, we are abroad to clarify voter lists. This year entering biometric data and automatica­lly we opened additional 5 more polling reading ballot boxes. stations, throughout so there Russia. will be 11 pollingsta­tions - Since 2015, elections in Kyrgyzstan have been held using biometric data. - According to the requiremen­ts of There are still many who have not submitted the Central can Election start only Commission,campaignin­g4. from Sept. their data, how are things going in these elections? But with many the political approach associatio­ns of thecampaig­ning,began - Indeed, we conduct elections based on biometric data. Biometric data is collected to publish paid advertisem­ents on by the authorized body - the State social networks, although since Aug. Registrati­on Service. Data can be submitted 19, after the nomination of candidates, to the Public Service Centers. such activities of parties are in prohibited. social networks Isadvertis­inga Abroad, data can be submitted at embassies, consulates and government violation of the requiremen­ts of the offices in these countries. For example, CEC and the rules of campaignin­g? there are offices of the State Migration And also, is there a law that says that Service. campaignin­g on social networks isprohibit­ed? - Due to the pandemic, this year some local elections were canceled indefinite­ly. - We regulate do not have social a networks, law that willsepara­telydo as we When do you intend to hold the canceled elections, and can they be held with the media. However, campaignin­g together with the parliament­ary ones - on social networks, as well as on the in order to save money? street, for example, is prohibited. We - Some local elections were canceled, are working to identify and suppress right during the campaignin­g period such campaignin­g on social networks. due to the epidemiolo­gical situation. Warnings have already been issued to Today, if the head of state makes a decision, the CEC will be able to hold parallel three parties. - How much money has been allocated from the state budget to organize the elections? In addition, with which internatio­nal organizati­ons do you cooperate and receive financial support? - 446 million soms were allocated from the state budget for the elections. Cooperatio­n with internatio­nal organizati­ons and other countries is underway. We work through UNDP, OSCE and the Internatio­nal Foundation for Electoral Systems. Namely, we shoot all our videos, buy tablets, etc. I would like to note that at the expense of donor funds, we purchase a mask and gloves for each voter. That is, everyone who comes to vote will receive a mask and gloves. We will purchase a total for 60 million soms. CEC members, observers and journalist­s who will National Herald Tribune, Friday, September 4, 2020

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