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pro­vides the po­ten­tial for in­creas­ing the in­comes of farm­ers while pro­vid­ing op­tions for pest man­age­ment which can re­duce in­sec­ti­cide use. She adds, how­ever, that his crop­ping sys­tem of in­ter­crop­ping le­mon grass with egg­plant needs fur­ther eval­u­a­tion on a larger scale as both eco­nomic and eco­log­i­cal con­di­tions must be fully eval­u­ated be­fore an eco­nomic in­ter­crop­ping-based com­mer­cial pro­duc­tion scheme can be rec­om­mended.

Any­way, why can’t we small gar­den­ers also do our own test­ing? Let’s do it! WEEDS are ag­gres­sively per­sis­tent. They grow and re-grow around and in be­tween valu­able crops and plants, steal­ing nu­tri­ents in the process. Grass and weeds re­main a ma­jor prob­lem for farm­ers and the green-thumbed, and if left unchecked, they will have costly ef­fects. The Nex­pro Brush­cut­ter is light­weight, af­ford­able, and low on fuel con­sump­tion; the man­u­fac­turer as­sures that their brush­cut­ters can get the job done with­out sac­ri­fic­ing qual­ity and per­for­mance. From small grass to taller-than-man weeds, Nex­pro Brush­cut­ters are an ex­cel­lent al­ter­na­tive to land mow­ers that have lim­ited ca­pa­bil­i­ties and are ex­pen­sive.

It of­fers dif­fer­ent blades to fit ev­ery job re­quire­ment. There is a 2-teeth blade for clear­ing the hearty fo­liage along fence lines that can’t be reached by mow­ers and trac­tors. There is also a saw blade for ar­eas that will level branches and saplings, con­ve­nient for ar­eas where a chain­saw is im­prac­ti­cal to use. Then there is the ny­lon cut­ter blade can be used for sim­ple soft green weed cut­ting, also per­fect for trim­ming or­na­men­tal grasses and plants.

“You’ll need a brush­cut­ter to fin­ish the work for those hardto-reach ar­eas where a land mower can’t get through or even for small plant trim­mings. Es­pe­cially if those wild plants are a few feet high and had clumped to­gether,” said Mr. Wendy de Mesa, sales man­ager of My Happy Farmer. “What’s re­ally good about these NEX­PRO brush­cut­ters is that you can eas­ily switch out the trim­mer blade heads de­pend­ing on how tall the grasses are or how big the di­am­e­ter is.”

Aside from the prod­uct’s com­plete line of spare parts be­ing read­ily avail­able, the NEX­PRO Brush­cut­ter has a NX2411 en­gine with a highly ef­fi­cient fuel cy­cle and a high rev­o­lu­tion speed.

For more in­for­ma­tion about NEX­PRO Brush­cut­ters, please con­tact Rom­mel Lopez at 0932.854.0945 or send a mes­sage at www.face­­hap­py­farmer.

The EFSB larva is the worm you see in­side the fruit.

In­ter­crop­ping radish helps drive the pests away.

This is the moth that lays its eggs in the fruit and shoots of the egg­plant that be­come the lar­vae that dam­age the crop.

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