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EVEN NON-FARM­ERS can make money with the right in­vest­ment. One such in­vest­ment can be made in a Nex­pro Com­bine Har­vester, which, con­ser­va­tively, can give a good re­turn on in­vest­ment in two har­vest­ing sea­sons.

In a farm set­ting, in­dus­try prac­tice dic­tates that the pay­ment for agri­cul­ture ren­tal equip­ment, such as a com­bine har­vester, is in the form of shares in the har­vest. For ex­am­ple, should one choose to in­vest in the Nex­pro NX88 Com­bine Har­vester, one can rent it out for use in rice fields in ex­change for a ren­tal pay­ment of 8% of the rice yield or har­vest—which is gen­er­ally 120 sacks of rice.

The com­bine har­vester can har­vest 5 hectares per day, and if rented out for 30 days, profit com­pu­ta­tion will be thus: 120 sacks of rice, mul­ti­plied by 5 hectares per day of har­vest, times 30 days of rent­ing out the har­vester, for a to­tal of 18,000 sacks of rice. 8% of 18,000 sacks of rice is 1,440 sacks.

If each sack con­tains 50 ki­los of rice, then the 1,440 sacks will yield 72,000 ki­los of rice. If one can sell each kilo of rice for R12, then one stands to make a gross profit of R864,000.

This con­ser­va­tive es­ti­mate will give one a re­turn on in­vest­ment (ROI) within two har­vest sea­sons. While the Nex­pro NX60 Com­bine Har­vester is priced at R1.2 mil­lion while the NX88 is priced at R1.45 mil­lion, the dis­trib­u­tor, My Happy Farmer, of­fers fi­nan­cial pay­ment op­tions through ORIX Metro Fi­nanc­ing (Metrobank) for Truck and Heavy Equip­ment. For cash pay­ments, there are free­bies and dis­counts avail­able.

For more in­for­ma­tion about in­vest­ing in the Nex­pro Com­bine Har­vester, please con­tact My Happy Farmer at 0932.854.0945 or email my­hap­py­

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