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A TYP­I­CAL FARMER in Barangay Sa­pang Pa­ha­lang, San Rafael, Bu­la­can, who tried, for the first time, to use an or­ganic fo­liar fer­til­izer in his pani­gang pep­per farm, at­tested that his plants showed a con­sid­er­able im­prove­ment af­ter­wards. Nor­man Var­illa shared that the most no­tice­able im­prove­ment was his plants’ re­sis­tance to stress and other forms of plant dis­eases. He said the im­prove­ments he ob­served came out af­ter us­ing Amino Plus Fo­liar Fer­til­izer.

Var­illa also used seedlings that were treated with the said fer­til­izer, which he bought from a nearby nurs­ery. Broad-minded farm­ers like Var­illa have started to use seedlings from seedling pro­duc­ers in their re­spec­tive ar­eas. Af­ter all, healthy seedlings that are pro­duced in a well-man­aged nurs­ery can re­sult in a bet­ter yield and be ex­pected to give a more re­al­is­tic profit.

When asked as to how he came to know about the fer­til­izer, Var­illa said it was in­tro­duced to him by Bernie Vil­lac­eran, a field tech­ni­cian from Global Green Or­ganic Fer­til­izer Inc., the mak­ers of the Amino Plus Fo­liar Fer­til­izer. Vil­lac­eran also pro­vided tech­ni­cal sup­port to Var­illa, which re­sulted in the im­prove­ment of the crop.

Var­illa said that the or­ganic fer­til­izer he has started to use also im­proved the qual­ity of his plants. He said the tech­ni­cian ex­plained to him that dam­age to agri­cul­tural crops could be pre­vented or min­i­mized with the proper ap­pli­ca­tion of the or­ganic farm in­put. When sprayed, Amino Plus ef­fec­tively ad­heres to the plant’s sur­face and pro­vides quick sup­ple­men­ta­tion.

Ac­cord­ing to Var­illa, the leaves of his pani­gang pep­per be­came bluish-green af­ter us­ing Amino Plus Fo­liar Fer­til­izer. He says that this is the qual­ity of plant he has longed for.

Vil­lac­eran ex­plained that Amino Plus Fo­liar Fer­til­izer can boost the growth and pro­duc­tiv­ity of rice, corn, veg­eta­bles, fruit trees, or­na­men­tals, and many other crops, like the pani­gang pep­per of Var­illa.

Plants sprayed with Amino Plus are more re­sis­tant to dis­eases and other stresses in the field, like ex­treme drought or flood­ing. Un­like other fer­til­iz­ers which are de­rived from fish and other nat­u­ral sources, Amino Plus Fo­liar Fer­til­izer is not pro­cessed at high tem­per­a­tures, thus pre­vent­ing the de­nat­u­ra­tion of pro­teins while re­tain­ing es­sen­tial amino acids, en­zymes, vi­ta­mins, and nat­u­ral oil, Vil­lac­eran said. The fer­til­izer also con­tains ef­fec­tive micro­organ­isms which have long-term ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects on the phys­i­cal, chem­i­cal, and bi­o­log­i­cal con­di­tion of the soil.

With his de­ci­sion to try the Amino Plus

Fruit­ing pani­gang pep­per plants of Nor­man Var­illa.

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