From the Ed­i­tor: 3 big com­pa­nies merged to form Agri­science firm

THREE AGRI­CUL­TURAL DI­VI­SIONS of two multi­na­tional com­pa­nies have been com­bined to form a stand­alone agri­cul­tural com­pany known as Corteva Agri­science. The new com­pany is en­vi­sioned to main­tain lead­ing po­si­tions in seed tech­nolo­gies, crop pro­tec­tion and di

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Merged into one for­mi­da­ble com­pany are DuPont Crop Pro­tec­tion, DuPont Pi­o­neer, and Dow Agri­sciences.

In the Philip­pines, the new com­pany will in­ten­sify its pro­grams in hy­brid rice and hy­brid corn tech­nolo­gies. Pi­o­neer has long been a lead­ing pro­ducer and dis­trib­u­tor of hy­brid corn seeds as well as hy­brid rice.

As one of its first steps, it has es­tab­lished the Corteva EduFarm in Pura, Tar­lac, which was launched on June 15, at­tended by James Collins, Jr., the com­pany’s chief op­er­at­ing of­fi­cer (COO). The event was at­tended by more than a hun­dred rice and corn farm­ers from Cen­tral Lu­zon and Ca­gayan Val­ley.

The main aim of the EduFarm is to show­case to the farm­ers the new tech­nolo­gies that they can use in their farm­ing to pro­duce higher yield with higher qual­ity at af­ford­able or prof­itable cost.

In mat­ters of pro­tect­ing the rice plants from pesky weeds, Corteva has an arse­nal of her­bi­cides that can con­trol im­por­tant grasses, sedges and broadleaves. In both rice and corn seeds, Corteva owns lead­ing brands like Pi­o­neer, Myco­gene, and the newly launched Bre­vant seed brands. It also has award-win­ning crop pro­tec­tion prod­ucts such as Aproach Prima fungi­cide and Quelex her­bi­cide with Arylex ac­tive. The com­pany will con­tinue bring­ing new prod­ucts to mar­ket through their solid pipe­line of ac­tive chem­istry and tech­nolo­gies, ac­cord­ing to Collins.

Dur­ing the field day, the at­ten­dees were briefed on the cur­rent fa­vorite va­ri­eties as well as the va­ri­ety soon to be re­leased. Called the “Fu­ture Hy­brid”, rice is PHB83 which is re­sis­tant to lodg­ing, hence it is less af­fected by strong winds. It has a po­ten­tial yield of 13 met­ric tons or 260 ca­vans per hectare. What’s more, it has good eat­ing qual­ity.

Of course, there are the cur­rent hy­brids which have their own spe­cial traits. De­li­cioso (PHB73), for in­stance, is soft and very de­li­cious when cooked, qual­i­ties that many con­sumers want. For long grains, the va­ri­ety to plant is PHB79 while the Yield Champ (PHB77) is high-yield­ing with a po­ten­tial yield of 13 tons per hectare. HY­BRID CORN – Adrian Manza, Corteva’s corn spe­cial­ist, was most ex­cited in telling us about P3530YHR, the hy­brid corn of the fu­ture which has a po­ten­tial yield of 14 tons per hectare. That’s 280 ca­vans of 50 ki­los per sack. Aside from its high yield,

the ears have high shelling re­cov­ery of 80 per­cent. The grains are of high qual­ity, too. The va­ri­ety is early-medium, ma­tur­ing at 108 to 115 days af­ter plant­ing. It is tol­er­ant to lodg­ing and is also suit­able for high den­sity plant­ing

An­other out­stand­ing hy­brid corn is P3774YHR which pro­duces big ker­nels that are com­pact. The ears are big with as many as 18 rows of ker­nels com­pared to many other va­ri­eties which may only have 12 or 14 rows.

An­other good per­former is P4097YHR which has big ker­nels that are heavy. It has a po­ten­tial yield of 14 tons per hectare with a ma­tu­rity of 116 to 120 days from plant­ing. It has large cobs and ex­cel­lent ear fill­ing.

SEED-AP­PLIED TECH – Corteva is also proud of its seed-ap­plied tech­nolo­gies that can pro­tect the plants in their early stages. The Ear­lyShield treat­ment pro­vides com­plete pro­tec­tion from soil-borne dis­eases and seedling pests from 0 to 30 days af­ter plant­ing. The dis­eases in­clude seedling blight, damp­ing off and seedling rot. In ad­di­tion, the treat­ment re­sults in im­proved seedling vigor.

AWARDEE AT THE FIELD DAY – Mean­while, we met a suc­cess­ful rice and corn farmer at the field day who was last year’s Na­tional Gawad Saka awardee for corn pro­duc­tion. He is Felix G. Ancheta of Cauayan, Is­abela, who planted five hectares to P3774, har­vest­ing an av­er­age of 12 tons per hectare.

At the time of har­vest, the go­ing price per kilo of yel­low corn was R13. How­ever, Ancheta did not sell his corn be­cause he used his feed for mix­ing for his own pig­gery. He has a 15-sow pig­gery with 150 fat­ten­ers most of the time.

Dur­ing the dry sea­son, he plants hy­brid rice on 10 hectares. On the av­er­age, he gets 9 tons of palay per hectare. He has mech­a­nized his farm­ing. He has

James Collins Jr. (right) talk­ing to Corteva staff upon his ar­rival at the EduFarm.

The Corteva agenda.

Collins (sec­ond from right) lis­tens to Chris­tian Mal­lari as he ex­plains the EduFarm set up.

Jeanette Lim ad­dress­ing the farmer-at­ten­dees.

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