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tilapia is one of the most hardy species in aqua­cul­ture, many if not all farm­ers, ne­glect to pro­vide the best cul­ture con­di­tions for the fish in the ponds. In the Philip­pines where more than 60% of tilapia pro­duc­tion comes from fish­ponds, to­day’s losses from fishkills are of­ten blamed to ex­treme weather sit­u­a­tion due to cli­mate change. Some­times, blame is laid on the brand of com­mer­cial feed used. It is very easy to point fin­gers at the weather or the feed, but the real sit­u­a­tion can only be de­ter­mined through fre­quent farm vis­its and ob­ser­va­tions and talk­ing with farm­ers.

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